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Elevators Bengaluru
New Factory, Mitsubishi Elevator India

Full Operations of NEXIEZ-LITE have started

Our new elevator facility will handle every phase of the elevator development cycle: Design, Manufacturing, Sales, Installation and Maintenance.
Mitsubishi Electric is bringing its globally renowned elevator technology to a new manufacturing facility in Vemagal Industrial Area near Bangalore. This state-of-the-art manufacturing facility will produce world class elevators in India and reaffirm our commitment to offer highest safety standards, total reliability and excellent quality. NEXIEZ–LITE is Mitsubishi Electric’s latest contribution to the “Make in India” initiative.

New Elevator Factory in Bengaluru

1. Improved price, delivery times and services

This new elevator facility will make it possible to achieve lower prices and faster delivery time. The NEXIEZ-LITE standard elevator model, which is designed for low to mid rise buildings, is a key product to be manufactured here. With this factory, IMEC will handle every phase of the elevator development cycle: design, manufacturing, sales, installation and maintenance in order to achieve greater efficiency and improved services.

2. Enhanced safety and quality using elevator-testing tower
and field-training center

IMEC carry out verification and evaluation of locally procured parts using a new elevator-testing tower. A new field-training center enhances installation and maintenance service levels, thereby reinforcing the Mitsubishi Electric brand.

Details of New Factory
Location Bangalore, Karnataka State, India
Site area 89,000 square meters
Floor space 25,400 square meters
Purpose Manufacture of elevator equipment
Start of Operation September 15, 2016
Production capacity 5,000 units annually
Investment 1.833 billion Indian rupees (approx. 3.45 billion yen)
Employees Approx. 100 (as of September 2016)
Additional facilities Elevator testing tower (approx. 41 meters high), and field-training center

Product Details and Specifications

Energy Saving Features

  • Traction Machine with Permanent Magnet Motor: with a high - density magnetic field, the PM Motor enables lower use of energy and resources.
  • LED lighting: for longer life and reducing power consumption
  • Car Light/Fan Shut Off : Automatically turn off if there are no calls for a specified period

Permanent Magnet Motor

Providing a Safe Ride

  • Mitsubishi Emergency Landing Device: Upon power failure, the car automatically moves to the nearest floor using a rechargeable battery.
  • Multi-beam Door Sensor: It covers a door height of approximately 1800mm to detect passengers or objects as the door closes.

User-friendly Features

  • False Call Cancelling

For further information, please contact Mitsubishi Elevator in India

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Footnote on our Support to
"Make in India" Initiative

NEXIEZ–LITE and the new factory is Mitsubishi Electric’s latest contribution to the
“Make in India” initiative.

Increased production capability in India

  • Offering capability to manufacture up to 5,000 high quality elevators

Education for engineers

  • A test tower and the dedicated field-training center will enhance the education and the skills of installation and maintenance engineers.

Sustainable and high quality infrastructure

  • Mitsubishi Electric takes every action to reduce the environmental burden during each process of our elevators' and escalators' lifecycle.

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