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Travelling for Togetherness Mitsubishi Electric (China) Co., Ltd. – Shanghai Branch

January 2020

Tang Yuanjiao is a webmaster at the Shanghai branch of Mitsubishi Electric (China) Co., Ltd. She is responsible for managing the company’s social media presence in China and ensuring the corporate website is accurate and up to date. The company has two branches, one in Shanghai, and the other in Beijing.

There is an annual corporate tradition of sending out all the employees on training trips. This year, the trip took place in late May, and the theme was “One Mitsubishi Electric.” The event was organised in co-operation with the Human Resources Department and Labour Union of the company. The participants’ destination was the Osaka-Kyoto area, and the journey was to provide an increased sense of unity among the staff as well as give them fond memories together.

The trip had a plethora of group activities, but also allowed for free time so that workers could go out on their own or with friends and see and do things that interested them. Ms. Tang did a lot of research and meticulously planned out what she would do outside of group events. Along with shopping, local cuisine was a popular option, and Ms. Tang made sure she was able to eat authentic okonomiyaki and kushikatsu (deep-fried meat and vegetables on skewers). She had also had a longtime dream of touring Kyoto, and was at last able to do so at her leisure.

The group activities included a trip to an instant cup noodle museum. They were able to watch the process of creating the instant noodles, and saw displays of instant noodles from every region of the world. At the end, they were able to create a custom cup of instant noodles for themselves. Afternoons were spent touring historical and cultural sites like the Kyoto Imperial Palace and its gardens, the Yasaka Shrine, and the Gion geisha district.

In the evening, there was a get-together involving everyone who had come. There was a traditional Japanese meal served in courses, and performances by company employees. Ms. Tang and her fellow department members had practised again and again for a dance routine for this event. Even when they arrived in Japan, they took time to go to a karaoke booth so they could rehearse one more time. It was another first-time experience. They changed into their costumes and stepped out onto the stage. In the end, their hard work paid off, and their performance was met with cheers.

Mitsubishi Electric has companies spanning the globe. This event and its theme mark our dedication to bringing people closer together. Two groups of people from offices over a thousand kilometres apart travelled overseas to come together as one. When people travel, they learn that others who live far away are also people that share the same values and sense of joy. We hope that this is a seed that grows into greater safety, security and comfort for all.

The Bund—an iconic tourist destination in Shanghai—lit up in all its colours at night

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