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Power Semiconductor Devices

We stay on the cutting edge to support a sustainable future. Power semiconductor devices are essential for making countless varieties of power electronics equipment more energy-efficient—from railway traction systems and automobiles to industrial robots and air conditioning systems. Mitsubishi Electric is helping to realise a low-carbon society and provide a better life for everyone through the development of power semiconductor devices.


World top-class share*

Our power semiconductor devices are used almost everywhere—in power electronic equipment including home electronics, traction, automobiles and electricity distribution. As the long-standing leader in world market share, Mitsubishi Electric contributes significantly to energy conservation and the reduction of the size and weight of power electronics equipment.
*In IGBT modules (as of February, 2017), based on Mitsubishi Electric’s research.

Power semiconductor devices incorporating silicon carbide (SiC)

We continue to explore the potential of silicon carbide (SiC). In power devices, it can dramatically reduce power loss due to the special characteristics of the material, greatly boosting the energy efficiency of power electronics devices. Mitsubishi Electric started developing the elements required for SiC in the early 1990s, and has continued to be at the global cutting edge of the industry by developing commercial versions of SiC power semiconductor devices and products incorporating these devices, and providing data showing their energy-saving performance.


Semiconductors & Devices



Mitsubishi Electric began research on power semiconductor devices in the 1950s.


Developed and commercialised Japan’s first power semiconductor device.


Developed new material and product, silicon-carbide (SiC) power semiconductors, maintaining a lead over other companies.


Installed a SiC power semiconductor device into (our) air conditioner units—a world first.


Began shipping samples of SiC power semiconductor modules to global markets.


Installed railcar traction system with full SiC power semiconductor modules onto Japan’s Shinkansen high-speed rail bullet trains.


Power devices business briefing

Committed to the continuous development of SiC to lower costs and improve performance, we provide crucial energy-saving devices as a leading global power devices manufacturer.

Expanding the line-up of 1200 V large DIPIPM Ver. 6

This new addition to our product range achieves a big “first”—a current rating of 75 A for DIPIPM, covering the 40 kW range of package air conditioners.

Large-capacity hybrid SiC power module

A traction inverter incorporating large-capacity hybrid SiC power modules mounted on a railcar has demonstrated its energy-saving effect in commercial operation since February 2012.