Growth Drivers

Power Systems



From turbine power generators to monitoring and control systems for power generation plants, our range of products and systems for generating electricity are contributing to higher energy efficiency and lower environmental impact.


As the world looks to renewable energy and lower environmental impact, energy systems must deliver a high-quality, stable power supply. Our products and systems for power transmission, such as switchgears and transformers, provide the required efficiency and quality.


Optimising energy through the smart grid. Our array of power distribution products and systems help ensure that electricity gets to where it needs to go stably and reliably. We contribute to advanced power networks to efficiently support the power industry, and combine smart meters and other commercial products with ICT to enable a smarter use of electricity.


Energy systems



Produced the first Mitsubishi Electric vertical-axle hydroelectric generator (2300 kVA).


Produced Japan’s first gas-insulated switchgear (GIS).


Installed the world’s first static self-excited reactive power compensator (STACOM) for electrical power companies.


Developed the world’s highest-volume (51,300 kW) direct current dynamo.


Began internal trials of technologies for the smart grid and smart community.


Began construction of the high-voltage direct current (HVDC) verification facility at Amagasaki Transmission and Distribution Systems Centre.


Latest trends in Mitsubishi Electric’s power distribution equipment

Introducing the 24/36 kV C-GIS “HS-X” for the overseas power distribution and transmission market, the 12 kV HS-X Type C-GIS for the overseas RMU renewal market, and more...

Unique technology for EM-field and large-coupled analysis of turbine generators

Developed for the current VP-X series turbine generator and future models, this technology will contribute to the stable supply of electric power by improving efficiency and reliability.

Integrated factory for the production of vacuum interrupters (VI) and vacuum circuit breakers (VCB)

We’ve applied our original “e-F@ctory” concept knowhow to realise innovative IoT-based efficient production and raise our market share.

Ultra-thin robot for power generator inspection

Drastically reduces the cost and time of inspections and helps to increase the reliability and availability of power generators.

HVDC verification facility at Transmission and Distribution Systems Centre

This new facility enables us to enter the global market for voltage-sourced converter (VSC)-based high-voltage direct current (HVDC) systems.

D-SMiree system for medium- and low-voltage DC distribution

Through this system, we realise more efficient and sustainable power distribution with minimum energy loss.

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