The Newtown School Kolkata Green School Building Project Mitsubishi Electric India

Leading green school chooses premium air conditioners for future-ready learning environment

The Newtown School is a famous private school in Kolkata that is an advocate of world-class infrastructure. Mitsubishi Electric directed the installation of all air conditioners at the school, contributing to the school being awarded IGBC Green Schools Gold certification.

Air Conditioning System In The Newtown School Kolkata

“I love coming to school!” “I like to study very much. I love English and science.”
“I learn many things from this school and many friends and activities are here.”
“The facilities are so good!”

Children should be able to say from their hearts that they enjoy coming to school and that they enjoy studying. To achieve this, a school must have a pleasant environment in which students can study on their own, incorporate the latest tools, and employ superior teachers who apply fresh approaches to the classroom. This is the goal of The Newtown School Kolkata, and meeting this goal is an important aspect of the school’s education. The students who have given their opinions here are aged 10 and 12. Students who have been instilled with a love of learning at these ages are likely to continue their studies autonomously in the future.


Fostering students who are motivated,

By providing a comfortable environment

Air Conditioning System In Sports Complex

Environmentally conscious decision contributed to the school being awarded

The children like the cool and comfortable air-conditioning. We asked the teachers in the library about the strengths of Mitsubishi Electric’s VRF air conditioners. The answer was immediate: powerful cooling.

May in Kolkata is extremely hot, but you wouldn’t know it after entering these buildings. The person who showed me to the waiting room turned on the air conditioner with the remote control as soon as I entered the room, and the room became cool right away. This is why there is no need to always leave the air-conditioning turned on. You can feel the strengths of the building’s construction and the performance of the latest Citi Multi air conditioners with "i-see Sensor". The Newtown School is the first school to be designated a Green School with Green Schools Gold certification from the India Green Building Council (IGBC) in the New Schools Category.

Comfortable ambient library with air-conditioning
Air Conditioning System In The Newtown School Library

CEO of The Newtown School Remarks

Private schools in India demonstrate various strong points so that they will be chosen by parents who are heavily involved in the education of their children. The design of the exterior of this school’s buildings is no exception, standing out with a prominent alphabet motif.

We pressed CEO Vineet Kansal on whether obtaining Green Schools Gold certification was simply a PR move for the school, but he denied that this was the case without hesitation.

Vineet Kansal, CEO, The Newtown School

“Green Schools Gold certification is not mandatory. This was an environmentally conscious decision. It’s thinking about an environment that produces future-ready children who will be the leaders of the next generation. We thought about placing priority on energy efficiency and conservation in the building design and the facilities.”
Vineet Kansal, Ceo, The Newtown School
The Newtown School


“To eliminate artificial lighting as much as possible, we built a courtyard that allows natural light to enter the building. It doesn’t feel dark even when the lights are turned off, and the lights are LEDs. Waste water is also re-used to water the flowers.”

“We considered the air conditioners’ performance and impact on the environment, and selected them after comparing COP (coefficient of performance, i.e., high energy efficiency).”


Mitsubishi Air Conditioners In Courtyard

Mitsubishi Electric VRF AC solutions in use for school air-conditioning

Mitsubishi Electric Vrf Ac Solutions In Use For School Air-Conditioning

For more information about the features of the Mitsubishi Electric VRF air conditioners being used by the school, we spoke to Asim Mukherjee of Hitech Air Systems, an authorized dealer of Mitsubishi Electric India.

“First of all, these air conditioners have a high COP and lower energy consumption. Second, they use the environmentally friendly coolant 401A. Third, a single outdoor unit can be used to run multiple indoor units, so less space is required to accommodate the installation of the outdoor units.”

From among the air-conditioning candidates being compared by the CEO, there were several Japanese brands trusted in India, and the reason that Mitsubishi Electric was chosen from these is apparently because its units have less downtime. And that makes sense—classes are not possible if the air-conditioning breaks down. In addition to powerful cooling, this is an important aspect of the school’s education.

Mitsubishi Electric India was also able to meet the school’s requirement that installation of air conditioners for all buildings be completed in a short time. The level of service is high.

For a Greener Tomorrow

“Right now, we’re responding to a number of inquiries from other schools based on recommendations from the director of this school and word of mouth, and we’re working on about 11 or 12 school projects. We also have a project for a university coming up later.”

No matter the country, positive evaluations spread quickly, even without advertising.

Right: Sumanta Chakraborti, Deputy Manager - Services, LE Division,
Mitsubishi Electric India Pvt. Ltd.
Left: Asim Mukherjee, Technical Head (Services & Projects), Hitech Air Systems

The Newtown School Kolkata seeks to blend academics with practical knowledge using state-of-the-art infrastructure for India’s future leaders. The first school to receive IGBC Green Schools Gold certification in India in the New Schools Category, The Newtown School Kolkata installed premium Mitsubishi Electric Citi Multi VRF air conditioners to realize a quiet and comfortable learning environment. The deciding factor in the selection of these units was less downtime. The benefit to the user is powerful cooling.

Sumanta Chakraborti, Asim Mukherjee


The Newtown School Kolkata

The Newtown School Kolkata, with over 2,100 students, is the premier private school in Kolkata. Its unique classes incorporate the latest technologies, and are rated highly by the students.

[Product] Citi Multi VRF air conditioners
[Installation] 2014