Creating your comfortOur air conditioner brand story

Every day, we keep millions of people in homes and businesses worldwide comfortable.

As an industry leader, it’s always been our passion to create and perfect technologies that deliver a long-lasting cooling experience. To do this, we design our air conditionerswith durability in mind.

Our commitment to quality means you will enjoy the same cooling comfort throughout the years as you feel on day one.

Pioneers of a new
standard of comfort

For over 100 years, Mitsubishi Electric has researched wind technology to bring the most comfortable breeze into your home. We invented the world’s first cross-flow fan air conditioner, which allowed for a smaller and lighter air conditioner. We then pioneered the idea of split air conditioners, which separated the compressor from the indoor unit for the very first time, making a previously noisy experience quiet and peaceful. These technologies have set the benchmark for cooling comfort that others in the industry now follow.

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Long-lasting cooling
through durability in design

Our air conditioners are built to last, so your comfort lasts for years to come. Our promise of durability comes from our strength as a general electronics company, which enables us to bring together advanced technologies from our diverse expertise. We apply the highest standards to manufacturing our own key parts such as the compressor, motor and semiconductor. In this way, we’re confident that your air conditioner will work consistently well through the years.

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Creating comfort
on a global scale

Caring for the environment is our way of helping to keep our earth comfortable for future generations. The durability of our products reduces the demand for natural resources, while energy efficient products reduce carbon dioxide emissions so that you can enjoy coolness, without compromising the health of our planet.

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Strive for Perfection. 100%. Today, and tomorrow.

The process of perfection is never-ending.
Through the steps above, Mitsubishi Electric’s continual improvement delivers to your home long-lasting products of the highest quality.

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