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Tropical Inverter

Proper operation is ensured at outdoor temperatures up to 52°C with the optimized heat exchanger and the PCB’s improved cooling performance.
Even under harsh tropical conditions*, this unit can maintain its rated cooling capacity and achieve comfortable air conditioning.

* Tropical condition: Ambient temperature 46°CDB/24°CWB, Indoor temperature 29°CDB/19°CWB.


The compressor is the heart of the air conditioner. Employing MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC’s proprietary technology, we are able to achieve both high efficiency and high power.

  • Poki-Poki Motor

    Dramatically enhanced motor efficiency utilising original dense winding technology.

  • Heat Caulking

    The original heat caulking method minimizes cylinder distortion for even greater efficiency.

High cooling performance even in tropical condition

Realized powerful cooling performance up to an ambient temp 46°C!

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