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Industrial Automation
31 August 2020

Automation: The Future of Efficiency is Here!

Automation has helped the manufacturing industry tremendously. As a technology, it helps reduce the need for human...

Industrial Robot Manufacturers
31 July 2020

Meet ASSISTA, Your Collaborative Workspace Partner

A helping hand is good but one which is accurate and consistent is even better. The Industrial IoT revolution has...

power semiconductor device
23 July 2020

Power Modules - Empowering a New Era of Healthcare

The world is transforming, and our generation is seeking advancements that can help save time and ensure productivity...

Smart Water Processing System
12 May 2020

Smart & Integrated Switchgears for Digital India

Intelligent Switchgear helps in the smart management of Power Supply systems to boost efficiency, reliability and safety ...

Smart Water Processing System
16 April 2020

Smart Water Processing System

We are running at a pace where daily consumption of clean water has risen. Such necessities are affected by climatic changes which are causing lower ...

05 Dec 2019

Make Winter comfortable with All Season ACs

Do we really require ACs in winter? India is a country of diverse seasons, mainly four basics are winter season, summer season, rainy season and spring season...

23 September 2019

Mitsubishi Electric - A brand dedicated to sustainable electric solutions

Reducing carbon emissions, electricity consumption, and minimizing stress on the environment are what...

4 September 2019

Solar Tracking Control– Revolutionizing the Energy Sector

The need for clean energy has been realized by many countries across the world in the last few years...

22 August 2019

Experience Comfort & Quality with MSY GR(T) Series

India has a variety of climate from tropical in the south to temperate and alpine in the Himalayan north.

13 August 2019

Industry 4.0: What does this means to SMEs in terms of challenges and opportunities?

The fourth industrial revolution is here and very rightly has become the talk of the town. Emerging globally as a powerful force, Industry 4.0 is characterized...

24 July 2019

Mitsubishi Electric Robot – Intelligent solutions for next-generation manufacturing

Mitsubishi Electric, a global manufacturer of electronic equipment, emphasizes on sustainability and innovation. Owing to that, it has gained a lot of recognition...

04 Feb 2019

Dual barrier coating – an advanced technology that reduces dust in ACs

Dirt and dust are some of the biggest enemies of air conditioners. They slow down the machines and fail to cool the room. Once the damage is too heavy, there may even be a need for replacement or the concurrent repair costs may prove to be cumbersome...

28 Jan 2019

Why Mitsubishi Electric’s Solar-powered Irrigation System is a Big Relief for Indian Farmers

Today, in a country like India, we are switching from convention to innovative technologies. The other conventional methods of irrigation, excluding rain are run by thermal power, but its supply is not so regular in rural areas. And, the second option is the diesel pump which is a bit expensive...

20 Sept 2018

Boost for Electric Vehicle market as Mitsubishi Electric introduces new power semi conductor module for motor drive applications in hybrid vehicles and EVs

The Indian government has ambitious plans to shift on a mass scale to electric vehicles (EVs) by 2030. The plans are opulent and certainly hold several paybacks for environment conservation...