It’s time to
your air.
The standard of
good air has changed.
Don’t you want to
change your
air conditioners too?
How can we upgrade our air ?
How can we
upgrade our air ?
Welcome upgraded air with
Mitsubishi Electric’s
Lossnay technology and air conditioners.

Three reasons for choosing Mitsubishi Electric.


Dual Barrier Coating

State-of-art Dual Barrier Coating
technology prevents rust and greasy dirt from
getting into the air conditioner.

Micro Particle Catching Filter &
High Density Filter(Optional)

Effectively catches floating PM 2.5 particles
to maintain clean air in the room.


Fast Cooling

Mitsubishi Electric's Fast Cooling brings
instant refreshment & relief from the scorching heat and provides a comfortable enviroment.

Long Airflow

Delivers conmfortable airflow up to 12 meters.
Suitable for even large living rooms.


Energy Saving & Durability

In the same way that the heart, brain,
and lungs work together, so the compressor,
semiconductor, and fan of an air conditioner play essential roles and must work in harmony. All the key components like the motor are made in-house, ensuring durability and energy efficiency.

What’s Lossnay?
Lossnay is a total heat exchange ventilation system that uses paper
characteristics to perform temperature and humidity exchange.
The features of Lossnay
Lossnay can keep appropriate humidity and maximized comfort
Viruses such as influenza are found to be active and the survival rate high in low humidity and dry environments. Lossnay can keep appropriate humidity and temperature and help people to stay healthy.
The benefits of Lossnay
Fresh Air
Energy Saving
Can be Interlocked
with Air Conditioner
Bypass Ventilation
external control setting
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Air Conditioner
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