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Mitsubishi Electric supports business that are involved in developing India's industries and enhancing people's lifestyles, by providing factory automation solutions, air conditioning, and elevators & escalators, and solves project-related issues under the theme of World-class Sustainable Technology.

We also pour our efforts into social infrastructure projects that are designed to alleviate traffic congestion and power shortage accompanying urban development, or to augment the insufficiencies of water and sewage systems. For example, we provide railway products, power semiconductors, water automations, and energy-saving products to railway, wind power generation, and water and wastewater treatment plant projects, and thereby contribute to India's "Make in India" nation-building initiative.

Partnering India- Brand Campaign

At Mitsubishi Electric, we are committed to deliver a better tomorrow for India. And we promise to do so faster with our advanced technologies and solutions. Thereby, creating a world of possibilities for everyone to dream big. And, together, take India ahead.

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Creating Your Comfort- Air Conditioners

Creating your comfort
A more refreshing wind
A more comfortable breeze.
Developed with
The utmost comfort in mind.

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