Monitoring & Control

SCADA, a high-level comprehensive supervisory system, and PLC, the industry's most advanced supervisory and control service, will greatly improve the efficiency of your data center operations.

Product Introduction

Visualization Software


Provides the temperature monitoring, robust security, and highly reliable systems required in data centers. Allows centralized supervision of various systems in data centers with peace of mind.

Product Introduction

MELSEC iQ-R Series

Equipped with a newly developed high-speed system bus, it achieves a significant reduction in tact time. By using high precision motion control with high speed communication between multiple CPUs, it can be used as the core of an automation system to resolve customer issues.

MELSEC iQ-F Series

Through parallel processing using multi-CPU functionality, it provides high-speed control and improves the performance of your devices and machinery. An extensive MELSEC-Q series lineup fully meets the control needs expected in each industry and field.

White Paper

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Comprehensive Solution Ideas

Mitsubishi Electric offers a broad lineup of solutions to support the building of your data center.
You can maximize the effectiveness of many solutions by using them in combination with one another.

Solution lineup


Designed with energy savings and cost reduction in mind, it can be customized for use with various sizes of equipment.


Designed and customized to fulfil the air conditioning needs of residential, commercial and industrial areas. Wide-range of products delivering years of quiet operation, energy-efficient performance and minimum impact on the environment.


Energy-efficient devices that achieve optimal energy consumption, LVS that boast superior durability, high impermeability, and safety, and VCB that deliver safety, all contribute to energy savings.


Equipped with a variety of world class technologies and functions for energy savings, increased efficiency and convenience.


We are promoting the development of compact, high-efficiency, and high-output technologies for motors and inverters to contribute to energy-efficiency and resource-saving in air-conditioning equipment.

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