Case Studies

Torre Fiumara, Genoa (Italy)


1 Nov. 2022

Davinci-1 is the new supercomputer of Leonardo S.p.A., an Italian company active in the fields ofdefense, aerospace, and security. The name chosen for the new structure, installed in Torre Fiumara in Genoa, is therefore a double reference to the genius of the Renaissance and to the society that wanted and built it. A symbol of technological innovation and development in Italy and Europe, davinci-1 has been included in the top 100 supercomputers in the world and is on the podium of the A&D sector (Aerospace & Defense).


Davinci-1 has a battery of over 100 supercomputer units, with a total computing power of more than 5PFlops – 5 quadrillion floating-point operations per second – with a high-performance network and storage system built by DDN, equipped with the latest hardware and software technologies, for storage capacity of the order of 20Pbytes (20 million Gigabytes).


To ensure the correct and continuous operation of such a large and powerful datacenter, you need to have a highly reliable and efficient cooling system. To this end, Mitsubishi Electric has supplied RC branded units for IT Cooling, specifically 2 FR-FC-G05-Z/SL-T+ 1702 water-cooled chillers and 12 w-NEXT precision air conditioners. The system has been designed to guarantee redundancy and therefore maximum reliability 24/7 as required by such a mission critical application.

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