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A world leader in air conditioning and ventilation systems that deliver top performance, Mitsubishi Electric is a pioneer when it comes to air conditioners for residential, commercial and industrial use. Engineered to perform in wide-ranging climatic conditions, our air conditioners are characterised by durability, energy-efficient and sustainable operation, and years of quiet performance.


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How to choose the right AC for your home?

The invention of air conditioners (ACs) has made life easier, giving us a sigh of relief from the scorching heat. There was a time when installing an air conditioner was considered a luxury but today, it has become more of a necessity. In fact, modern ACs do more than just making the environment pleasant; they reduce the possibility of asthma attacks, keep insects and parasites away, and prevent electronic appliances at home from overheating, reduce the risk of dehydration and heatstroke, and much more.

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Room Air Conditioners

To meet diverse air conditioning needs, no matter how challenging they may be, you can choose from a variety of air conditioners by Mitsubishi Electric. From aesthetic wall-mounted and ceiling-recessed cassettes to floor-standing designs, there’s an air conditioning solution for every interior setup.

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Package Air Conditioners - Mr. Slim

With excellent performance and easy installation, the Mr. Slim Series of packaged air conditioners provide a compact yet powerful air conditioning solution. Choose from small to medium sized split-type room air conditioners to create the perfect ambience for your establishment.

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Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) Systems City Multi

The VRF air conditioning systems, by virtue of their design, ensure a distributed airflow along with independent control for all indoor units. Mitsubishi Electric offers a variety of indoor unit designs and outdoor unit capacities, ensuring "best match" solutions for your distinctive needs.

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Ventilators Lossnay

Mitsubishi Electric’s ventilation system comes with unique Lossnay heat-exchange technology which refreshes the air in a room without largely affecting its temperature or humidity. The result is substantial energy savings and a more comfortable indoor environment.

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Hand Dryers (Jet Towel)

Originally developed by Mitsubishi Electric in 1933, these high-speed automatic hand dryers use "jet blasts" of air to help dry your hands in a matter of seconds. Ever since, these jet hand dryers have grown in popularity and find extensive application in commercial establishments like malls, restaurants, hotels, and offices.

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Air Curtain

Air Curtain

Mitsubishi Electric’s line-up of high-performance air conditioner curtains creates a wall of air that protects your space from climatic temperature swings, pollutants, and more. These air curtains are purpose-built and find extensive use in open-front stores, street-level businesses and shopping malls.

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When we talk about the right capacity or tonnage of the AC required for a room, there is no fixed number. Area method and volume method are the commonly used simple ideas to calculate the required AC tonnage since a long time.

Mitsubishi Electric India is one of the leading air conditioner brands in the country which offers an online tonnage calculator that is extremely easy-to-use. With a few simple steps of adding the required figures on the online tonnage calculator, one can easily figure out the approximate AC tonnage considering the size and weather of the room. This in turn, saves energy and ultimately leads to cost reductions. Nevertheless, for a precise calculation of capacity, Heat load calculation method is an effective method but technically complex and requires subject matter expertise.

If you ventilate an air-conditioned room with fresh air from the outside during a hot summer day, the humidity and temperature of the room will increase. At this point, to keep the room cool, the air conditioner will have to work at a more powerful setting to control its humidity and temperature. The air conditioner meant for human comfort cooling is having a limitation in controlling the Humidity (up to 55%).

For fresh air applications, Mitsubishi Electric’s Lossnay ventilation system uses a heat exchange technology to refresh the air within the room, it helps to maintain appropriate humidity and temperature for people to stay comfortable. Lossnay Ventilation System specifically utilizes direct fresh air after proper filtration to avoid the entry of dirt and dust particles as well.

However, if the air conditioner’s application is a critical application of Data centre/Server room, then installation of precision air conditioning equipment with a built in humidifier is an effective solution to control humidity more precisely.

Size of a room or office is the most important factor to be considered when we talk about choosing an AC model. If we talk about a small room, there is no specific model or tonnage to be mentioned in particular. All that needs to be kept in mind while purchasing an AC unit, is that the capacity of AC neither should be small nor large as problems can occur in both cases. If the capacity of AC unit is small compared to the size of the room, it might struggle to achieve the intended level of air conditioning. On the other hand, if the air conditioner is too large as compared to the size of the room, then it would cool the room too quickly without removing the humidity from the air, which will leave the people present in the room too cold and clammy. Therefore, whether it be a small room or a large one, it is essential to keep the size of the room in mind while choosing the air conditioner to avoid any problems further.