Every Mitsubishi Electric product is a step towards India becoming No. 1

Air Conditioning Systems

We promise to deliver comfort to India with our dependable commercial and residential Air Conditioning Systems. Designed not only to be durable and energy-efficient, but also provide sustainable operation and quiet performance for years to come.

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Automotive Equipment

We help in accelerating India’s green revolution with our range of Automotive Equipment. Our technologies are at the heart of many general, hybrid, and clean energy vehicles offered by top automobile manufacturers across the globe.

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Elevators & Escalators

We are changing the landscape of vertical transport with speed, efficiency and precision. Be it residential buildings or commercial complexes, our elevators & management systems can match the user needs, and structural specifics of any establishment.

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Factory Automation Systems

We are supporting industries across India with advanced Factory Automation Solutions and Technologies, that help bring in higher productivity, quality, and efficiency. Our systems also come with an extensive service network, that ensures direct communication and comprehensive support.

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Semiconductors & Devices

Our high performance Semiconductors & Devices enhance the efficiency of electrical systems. They enable highly efficient power control wide range of devices with an array of modules that help improve information interface.

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Transportation Systems

We innovate to find solutions for urban transportation that drives smart cities towards success. Safe and reliable, our state-of-the-art products are built with eco-conscious manufacturing processes; and we offer top class networks for maintenance and service.

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