From residential–use building lifts to one of the world’s fastest elevators, Mitsubishi Electric has the perfect building system solutions that can match the user needs and structural specifics of any establishment.


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7 Incredible Advantages of Elevator Modernization

If you work in an office with elevators, you can very well relate with the frustration of getting late to work because of a long queue at the elevator or the elevator stopping at every floor, or any other elevator-related problem. Slow-to-arrive elevators and extended wait times could be pointing to one thing – that it is time to modernize your elevators.

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NEXIEZ LITE - With Machine Room

Using state-of-the-art technology, we provide world-class elevators in India that also ensure our commitment to offering total reliability, excellent quality, and high safety standards. The range of Elevators with Machine Room is the latest contribution by Mitsubishi Electric to the ‘Make in India’ Initiative.

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NEXIEZ LITE - Without Machine Room

Another contribution to the ‘Make in India’ Initiative, the Machine Room Less Elevators has redefined design that produces a high-quality atmosphere of safety and comfort by consuming lesser power along with minimal impact on the environment.

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From customising conventional straight-line escalators to the only spiral escalators in the world, Mitsubishi Electric has time and again proved itself to be a leader in vertical transport. With innovative engineering and energy-efficient technologies, the systems also ensure efficiency, reliability, durability, and safety.

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Mitsubishi Electric has been a pioneer in the vertical transportation segment and offers a wide array of options when it comes to elevators and escalators. Mitsubishi Electric offers MRL elevator systems in different design types aimed at a wide range of industry verticals, some of which are: –

  • NEXIEZ-MRL: A passenger elevator that is best suited for medium-rise building, commercial and residential building, and hospitals.
  • NEXIEZ –S: This MRL system is the perfect choice for residential buildings. It is equipped in the buildings with very less number of floors.
  • ELENESSA: A large capacity MRL elevator that is designed for medium-rise building, hotels, hospitals, stations, and private residences.
    The fact that Mitsubishi Electric machine room less elevators are preferred by renowned entities in commercial and residential spaces is a testament to how well-designed and utility-driven MRL elevators really are.

An elevator maintenance agreement is essentially a type of insurance that protects property owners from the erratic and unpredictable costs of elevator service, maintenance, and repairs by offering a fixed rate for each service.

Yes, the system can be quickly installed with no disruption to existing wall finishes or need for additional conduit. It may also be installed in conjunction with the building’s access control system (whether existing or newly installed).