Factory Automation Systems

Mitsubishi Electric offers a wide range of automation and processing technologies that can help bring in higher productivity, quality, and efficiency to the factory floor. These technologies include drive products, controllers, products for power distribution and control, industrial robots, and computerised numerical controllers. In addition, Mitsubishi Electric’s extensive service networks ensure that customers have access to direct communication and comprehensive support.

Modular Programmable Controllers (Modular PLCs)

Q Series PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers) offer a multiple CPU function, which ensures that multiple CPUs can be mounted simultaneously. This PLC programming allows you to configure systems that match the scale of the production site.


Combining a servo motor and amp, MELSERVO systems are ideal for controlling moving parts of various equipment and machines. Helping control the speed, alignment, torque, locus, etc., these systems contribute to developing competitive devices as driving sources for industrial machines.

Human-Machine Interfaces (HMIs) – GOT

Mitsubishi Electric has designed the GOT series HMIs to ensure maximum usability. These Human-Machine Interfaces allow monitoring the information received from PLCs and other factory Automation products which can help customers meet their needs for increased productivity and efficiency while creating added value.

Industrial Robots – MELFA

These are high precision industrial robots that have the capability to manage heavy loads, both in weight and functionality. With advanced developments at Mitsubishi Electric, the industrial robots also include a dedicated motor and a controller that is fitted with a T64-bit RICS chipset.

Simple Application Controllers

From homes and offices to factories, the FX series controllers can be used at all places where the end user requires control.

Motion Controllers

With a servo that is controlled by a high-speed servo network SSCNET making synchronous control easy, Mitsubishi Electric offers controllers that promise high accuracy in positioning control.

Computerised Numerical Controllers (CNCs)

The core of machine tool systems, CNCs in the manufacturing industry are commonly referred to as the "mother machine". CNC controllers by Mitsubishi Electric have the latest CPUs and high-speed optic servo network to ensure high speed and precision in machining.

Data Logging Analyser – MELQIC

Optimum inspection programmes can significantly shorten tact times of inspection processes. The MELQIC data logging analyser by Mitsubishi Electric is a powerful device that inspects products, records data, and can respond flexibly to line modifications.

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