Case Study

Green Working Spaces Come True

Contributing to the creation of a quiet and comfortable office environment and energy savings, Mitsubishi Electric air-conditioning systems are bringing smiles to the faces of both tenants and property owners with “Green Working Spaces”, and helping to pave the way to a greener future in Ahmedabad, one of the world’s fastest growing cities.


"Greener Working Spaces" for businesses interested in capitalizing on the incredible growth and appreciation of the fast developing city of Ahmedabad.

In India’s megapolises of Delhi and Mumbai, the traffic-congested environment and its impact on quality of life coupled with the lack of space for the construction of new offices are resulting in the relocation of more and more offices, factories and large-scale project in Ahmedabad, a city that is answering the growing demand for a better environment.

This article will focus on Earth Arise, a new development with a superb location only 30 minutes from Ahmedabad Airport by car. This is the first ever building in the state of Gujarat to be recognized as green working space under the UN green building program and to earn certification as Green Building Gold from the Indian Green Building Council. In the Ahmedabad business landscape, the stunning contemporary architecture has already established this office building as a corporate landmark. While a range of air-conditioning brands were initially considered to meet the needs of this office building, the final decision to select the Mitsubishi Electric air-conditioning solution was made based on its ability to satisfy or exceed a variety of criteria including green technology.

This office building presented Mitsubishi Electric with the challenge of installing an energy-saving, high-performance system while complying with ceiling and outdoor space restrictions.

The creation of comfortable office space demanded not only superior air-conditioning performance, but also capability to comply with the limited installation space with the aim of retaining the lofty ceiling height.

This challenge was met by Mitsubishi Electric’s CITY MULTI package air-conditioning system. Featuring a wide product lineup ranging from duct-type and high-wall units to cassette-type systems and scalability to accommodate the smallest room or cover extremely large space, CITY MULTI can easily fit the diverse layout requirements of the modern office interior. Consequently from a construction perspective, this system made it possible to retain 3 feet (approx. 0.9m) of the planned ceiling height for the general office space. These 3 feet was a very important point for the people who work in this space, and conversely from the standpoint of sales, it became an extremely strong sale point in the marketing of office space.

Mr. Monal Patel,
M.D., MAP Power LLP

Earth Arise Tenant Remarks

“The quiet comfort of the office makes the heat and the hustle and bustle of the city that is just outside the window seems like a distant memory.”

Silent—that is the word that tenants unanimously use when describing the merits of Mitsubishi Electric air-conditioning systems.
“Maybe because our previous office air conditioner was old, but the noise bothered me. This office is truly silent (air-conditioning noise is completely eliminated.)”

Tenant: Anonymous
“We've used other air-conditioners, but compared to them, this is very convenient. Absolutely no noise. Very silent. Operation is very quiet.” Tenant: Mr. Monal Patel, Managing Director, MAP Power LLP

He went on to comment…

“And it works fast. As soon as we switch on, we get the temperature we want.”
Tenant satisfaction with the air-conditioning system is clearly high.

The following may sound a bit exaggerated but this is typical of the comments and observations received from our dealers.

“They ?Tenants) will give us a letter to Mitsubishi Electric that we are happy to use the Mitsubishi Electric machines. ”

“We actually receive testimonial letters from our tenants expressing their deep satisfaction with their air conditioning systems. That’s how happy they are with the product.”

Ashish Shah, Director, Future System
(Dealer of Mitsubishi Electric air-conditioning systems for Earth Arise)

According to Ashish Shah, property developers in India are currently marketing buildings with integrated air-conditioning systems as a way to add value to the building property. Boasting low operation costs and meeting Green Building standards, our green technology has established Mitsubishi Electric as the premium brand of air-conditioning systems among developers. He notes that this status is not the result of advertising or promotional campaigns, but a reputation for quality spread by user-generated word-of-mouth. Fueled by the glowing testimony of tenants, developers and on-site operators and a proven record of achievements, the premium brand of Mitsubishi Electric is steadily expanding sales in India and will continue to create more comfortable office environments for the nation’s rapidly expanding business sector.

  • Ultra efficient design for total comfort in any commercial space
  • Advanced Inverter technology for more efficient cooling and heating
  • Total zoning control for heating and cooling only where it is needed
  • Flexibility to adapt to any design from contemporary to historic renovations
  • Wide lineup answers any scale of needs from a small retail space to an entire campus
  • Green technology both earns Leed credits and saves energy
  • “Whisper” quiet operation
  • 2-pipe system can simultaneously supply cooling and heating



Earth Arise is destined to be a corporate landmark where tenants are assured excellent accessibility for their varied needs and a great environment to launch their business to new heights. This building is the first of its kind to grace the skyline of Ahmedabad.

[Delivery date] 2014 [Product] CITY MULTI Air Conditioning System [Awards] Green Building Gold Certificate