Case Study

Elite Heritage Hotel Chooses Premium Air Conditioning.

Clean air and a refreshing environment. Installing the most up to date air conditioning systems at a Palace Hotel in Jaipur, this is Mitsubishi Electric at Work.


Jaipur is a planned city built by the Maharajah of Jaipur Jai Singh II, the ruler of Amer after whom the city is named. With many heritage and historic places, Jaipur is a famous tourist area and also called the “Pink City”. As the city is conveniently located and acts as a gateway to tourists who are travelling to other famous tourist destinations like Jodhpur, Udaipur, Jaisalmer etc. Celebrated hotels have been blossoming in the city one after another, and every year and AC-related inquiries to Mitsubishi Electric are on the increase.

On this occasion, the coverage is of heritage property in the heart of Jaipur city which has now been renovated as a Heritage Hotel, The Grand Uniara.

Once you arrive at this Heritage Hotel, you are greeted by gatekeepers dressed in traditional uniform marking the rich heritage of Rajasthan. Once you are inside the hotel, you are surrounded by serenity and peaceful vibes of long heritage. Mitsubishi Electric’s air conditioners are installed in the Hotel.

Top Image: Hotel Lobby ; Right Image: Hotel Entrance

Through the luxuriously decorated lobby and open and spacious corridor, one reaches the suite room. The feeling is as if you are inside the room of a Palace. All the air conditioners used here are provided by Mitsubishi Electric.

They are extremely quiet and their white body colour matches the décor. Creating the atmosphere suited for a hotel with such a long and rich heritage.

The suit with air conditioners

We asked Mr. Manvendra Singh Sesodia, MD of the Hotel who is himself a symbol of the heritage, and a gentleman with a handlebar moustache, about the history of the hotel and Jaipur and the reason why he chose Mitsubishi Electric.

We asked MD to put on formal attire and took some pictures in front of the original entrance of the palace.

Today the entrance is used as the back entrance, as the main road is now facing the other side.

Suddenly inside the camera we saw the Palace and Mr. Manavendra Singh Sesodia, MD, Hotel Grand Uniara.

Interview with the MD

Tell us about the history of the hotel.
Until when was it a palace?

"The family has a 700-year-long history, and the Palace itself is over 130 years old." "The building is registered as a Heritage Property by the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India. Riding that wave, we applied to the Rajasthan Tourism Board and have continued to exist as a Heritage Hotel. 2 years ago in 2015, we introduced ACs and Elevators, which are essential to a hotel, and reopened following a contemporary restoration."

Why did you choose Mitsubishi Electric?

"I've been using Mitsubishi Electric ACs at home since a long time. I was impressed by the cooling performance, which chills the room instantly, and so decided to introduce it to the hotel."

What are a few of the good points about Mitsubishi Electric ACs?

"First is the lower maintenance. Second is the high cooling performance. In April and May, temperatures of Jaipur can exceed 50º on some days. Even on those days, the AC cools the room instantly to the set temperature without problem. Third is energy savings. The electricity bill is clearly much cheaper than before."

What do the guests think of the AC?

"Good. They like that it cools the room instantly."

What about Mitsubishi Electric's after-sales service?

"Sorry; we've never had a breakdown to date, so I've never had to call the service." (Laughs)

Mitsubishi Electric’s air conditioners are now being installed at most of the well known hotels such in India like Taj Hotel, ITC Hotel etc.

We put the question to service representatives, "Why do 5-star hotels prefer Mitsubishi Electric?"

"Quality and reasonable pricing. Indian AC manufacturers are divided into three classes—low, mid, and high—and Mitsubishi Electric is in the Premium class. Our customers are of the opinion that "Of all the Premium class manufacturers, Mitsubishi Electric is high quality but with a reasonable cost of ownership. This is our strength."

Mitsubishi Electric ACs are chose for their premium quality and reasonable price, and are sought after by high-class hotels in tourist sites throughout India.



The royal clan of Uniara has opened the doors of its palace in Jaipur, the Grand Uniara, to visitors from all over the world.

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[Installation] 2015