Case Study

With Mitsubishi Electric Technology Even Parks Grow Greener in Chills and Thrills.

Mitsubishi Electric's room air conditioners are installed at Jurasik Park Inn, where dinosaurs welcome you at the entrance gate. Efficient cooling coupled with durability and minimum noise were the air conditioners’ features most suitable for the popular play spots where visitors enjoy unique experiences in comfort.


At Jurasik Park Inn children enjoy the water and amusement park with water slider, pool and free fall rides. The park is located in easy to reach suburban Delhi and it's a very popular spot for families to visit on weekend and summer vacation. There are also hotels and restaurants where you can cool down after an exciting visit to the park. Mitsubishi Electric's air conditioners are installed throughout the park and hotels.

Mitsubishi Electric were selected to offer a wide range of Air Conditioning products ranging from duct-type and high-wall units to cassette-type systems to accommodate the diverse range of air conditioning requirement from smallest rooms to extremely large banquets. Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioning products have given unparalleled comfort against Delhi's extreme summer heat to customers of Jurasik Park Inn.

The quiet operation (activation) of the unit makes one forget it is actually turned on. Every resident and developer talks about this feature. The units also conserve energy and have superior basic performance.

Source: Split-Type Air Conditioners - Full product Line Catalogue 2016, Page 39 An in company investigation

The heat resistance of the external units offered by Mitsubishi Electric, is phenomenal which makes it a quality benchmark product for the Industry.

  • Ultra efficient design for total comfort in any commercial space
  • Advanced Inverter technology for more efficient cooling and heating
  • Total zoning control for heating and cooling only where it is needed
  • Flexibility to adapt to any design from contemporary to historic renovations
  • Wide lineup answers any scale of needs from a small retail space to an entire campus
  • Green technology both earns Leed credits and saves energy
  • “Whisper” quiet operation
  • 2-pipe system can simultaneously supply cooling and heating



[Deliver year] 2014

[Delivery record] CITY MULTI