Case Study

A Prestigious Leisure Club Chooses Premium Air Conditioning

In replacing Air Conditioning at the Otters Club, which is a premier club on the Arabian Sea, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation has customized and supplied outdoor AC units and covers that can withstand continuous use for 18 hours a day in an environment buffeted by salt winds. Together with the task of installation, which prioritized club operations, the AC has been well received by customers.


The Otters Club was founded in Mumbai in 1973. Club members include such famous people as Bollywood stars, cricket players, and captains of industry.

Over the years, the club has produced athletes to represent their country in both swimming and squash.

They have a tradition of producing excellent sports stars. Many sporting events are held there in the swimming pool, squash courts, and bridge and billiards rooms.

A state-of-the-art training gym and other facilities, volleyball courts, a well-stocked library, and two excellent restaurants; the Otters Club is Mumbai's most refined social venue.

Thus it came about that the Otters Club renewed the AC on the premises.

The reasons for choosing Mitsubishi Electric AC were brand reliability and load efficiency, as the club runs almost for 18 hrs. a day with lot of varying occupancy load across the club & throughout the day. (In other words, the durability to withstand continuous use, and energy conservation.)

Further, what the club desired was "Replacement of the old AC while the club remains fully operational. Consequently, we want to designate the replacement areas in stages at unspecified times, and have the installation work take place at night." In addition, "As the club is close to the sea, the AC must be resistant to both corrosion and high humidity.”

Mitsubishi Electric India's business and service team promoted the indoor replacement work at night so as not to impede club operations at each phase.

Moreover, in order to ensure long-term use with no malfunctions, the outdoor, which is buffeted by salt winds, is specially coated upon delivery to increase resistance to air containing salt particles, and also includes recovery units to control the humidity. In installing the outdoor units, consideration was given to the installation site with all efforts made to make this "possible”

"The outdoor units were installed in a line on the club roof as far from the sea as possible. Further, we installed a 'wall' on the sea-facing side of the outdoor units to protect them from the salt winds directly.”

Mr. Ganesh Bhosale, Sr. Manager, Project Sales, LE Division, MEI (Left)Mr. Bhartesh Nakhate, Sr. Manager, Project & Service, LE Division, MEI (right)

The Results have been very satisfactory explains Mr. Rajat Kukar, the Co-Chairman, Projects of Otters Club.

“These AC units have been performing very well considering strong and direct sea breeze faced by the outdoor units, since our club is seaside club located in Bandra, Mumbai.

The installation work took the club's environment and situation into consideration and took a year to complete. One factor of Mitsubishi Electric that the club evaluated was the addition of "service".

“We choose Mitsubishi Electric air conditioners because of its Brand name, Low sound levels & most power saving units in today’s market. Secondly, we had a great challenge of executing the job in a live & occupied condition of the club, which MEI team has successfully done it.”

Mr. Mustafa Arsiwala, President, Otters Club, Mumbai

MEI team has successfully done it.

Silent, Energy Saving & Quality Service.

These are the three factors most frequently spoken of by owners and builders via the materials delivered to construction destinations in the past. Despite starting late in the Indian AC market, Mitsubishi Electric has garnered firm support from this and other clients, and is widely used in leisure facilities such as the Otters Club, office buildings, and hotels. Further, the background to this lies in the business and service teamwork, which supplies the optimal products and services according to the environment and customer needs.

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One of the most prestigious & highly premium club in Mumbai located right in front of the sea face, in plush locality of Bandra, Mumbai. This club was established in 1973, which has got renowned personalities like Bollywood film stars, Cricketers, Business Tycoons, as a club members.

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