Case Study

Absolute Silence Right Next to the 2nd Longest Beach in the World.

Desire to leave the hustle and bustle of city life and spend some quiet time near a beach on the weekends and during the holidays. An apartment that facilitates such a desire has now been completed. This project has been possible with the assistance of the Chennai Office of Mitsubishi Electric.


A beach at Chennai, the fourth largest city in India, is known to be the second longest in the world and a distinguished location for spending weekends and holidays.

The construction of Tulive Ecstasea, a fantastic cutting edge designed 16-story structure resembling a stack of cubes, has been completed in close proximity, just 500 meters from the beach loved by the people of India.

This luxury apartment building provides the best view of the beach, as well as quiet and comfortable living spaces that have been created based on the concept of beach apartments by G.K. Shetty Builders Mitsubishi Electric air conditioners were selected as the products for this apartment building.

This was the first big project undertaken by Mitsubishi Electric India Chennai.

Originally the supplier for this project, which is managed by the builders G.K. Shetty Builders, was expected to be a previous long time partner from Japan. However when considering top-end premium air conditioners for the best apartment building, the decision was made to place orders for air conditioners from Mitsubishi Electric instead.

The deciding factor was that the decision maker is a user of Mitsubishi Electric air conditioners himself, his trust in the quality of the product was unshakable. It was also prompted by the stance taken by the Chennai Office of Mitsubishi Electric in India, as the company was entrusted to deliver quality for this project.

Mitsubishi Electric presented premium services and quality, delivered through an established service organization that has superior cost performance. Such conditions convinced those around G.K. Shetty Builders to place orders for the products of Mitsubishi Electric.

[Right: Gopalakrishna Shetty, CEO, G K Shetty Builders Private Limited ]

I trust Mitsubishi Electric AC.

Air conditioners from Mitsubishi Electric are supported by a technology capable of responding to the needs of customers demanding the very best from air conditioners and can handle the severe operating conditions in India, where air conditioners may be operated 12 hours a day, ten months a year.

Absolute Silence

The quiet operation (activation) of the unit makes one forget it is actually turned on. Every resident and developer talks about this feature. The units also conserve energy and have superior basic performance.

Silent Mode

Advanced “Silent Mode” fan speed setting provides super-quiet operation as low as 21db for EF18/22/25/35 models.

Source: Split-Type Air Conditioners - Full product Line Catalogue 2016, Page 39 An in company investigation

The heat resistance of the external units offered by Mitsubishi Electric, is representative of the industry's top class products.

Tropical technology

Units to operate at outside air temperatures as high as 52 degrees. (MS-GL Series and MS-HL Series)

Source: Air Conditioners MS-GL Series and MS-HL Series brochures “As the heat rages outside you stay cool inside”

The commercial air conditioner business of Mitsubishi Electric has been rapidly increasing in sales since its establishment in 2012. Mitsubishi Electric is establishing a secure place in the premium air conditioner market through its growth, by word of mouth, to the community of dealers and developers.

Mitsubishi Electric is a world class sustainable technologies company delivering solutions to more than 140 countries around the world.

Wide range of line-up: Easily construct a system that best matches room air conditioning needs.



The first luxury beach apartment in Chennai, completed in 2016, is in close vicinity to the second longest beach in the world.

[Delivery date] 2016 [Delivery record] Split-type Air conditioner