Case Study

Mitsubishi Electric Factory Automation Systems providing sustainable water & wastewater treatment solutions

From supplying citizens with purified drinking water sourced from the river to treating everyday wastewater for its environmentally safe return to the river, Mitsubishi Electric Process Automation is monitoring and controlling the complexity of the flow of one of life’s essentials around the clock. Contributing to not only to the protection of the environment and improvement of the quality of life in Gandhinagar, but also in regions throughout India, Mitsubishi Electric’s smart water processing and wastewater/sewage treatment infrastructure is making a difference.


When completed, Gujarat International Finance Tec-City (GIFT) will be India’s first international financial service center and is expected to attract financial capital from around the world. Construction of this national project is underway in Gandhinagar in the State of Gujarat. This is the first time for India to undertake a visionary project of this type, scale and complexity. One of project’s key attractions as a world-class financial hub is smart infrastructure.

The project plans to introduce a variety of cutting-edge technology, facilities, and infrastructure including an automated waste collection system that collects and transports solid waste from each household using a network of underground chutes and automatically sorts the waste for appropriate treatment and disposal. Mitsubishi Electric is participating in the building of a vital aspect of the project’s smart infrastructure: the provision of drinking water purification system and sewage processing system.

Mitsubishi Electric was appointed to lead this water processing project. Recognized as a global leader in providing world-class solutions, Mitsubishi Electric was evaluated to be the best comprehensive solution provider based on several criteria: high reliability and service, low downtime due to faults or failure, short delivery time, reduced Total Cost of Ownership, and capability to provide a fully automated monitoring and control system.

Mitsubishi Electric’s FA equipment and system solutions have an impressive record of performance all over the world. For this huge project, Mitsubishi Electric planned and deployed a pre-engineered “iQ PlantSuite” solution featuring fully automated monitoring and control systems for water processing. The length and complexity of the various processes including the collection and purification of river water for the supply of safe drinking water, the treatment of ground water for industrial water use, and the treatment of everyday wastewater for its environmentally safe return to the river, presented many challenges for the development of an automation control system.

Mitsubishi Electric met all the project challenges and completed the integrated, state-of-the-art system according to plan and on schedule.

Today this energy-efficient system is dependably supplying “drinking quality” water to the citizens of Gandhinagar.

In addition to GIFT case study, Mitsubishi Electric is engaged in numerous large-scale water processing facility projects including 100 million-liter/day sewage treatment plant in Gujarat (Pandesary Industrial Estate, State of Gujarat) and a 70 million-liter/day sewage treatment plant in Coimbatore (Coimbatore Municipal Corporation, Coimbatore City, State of Tamil Nadu).

The construction of smart infrastructure and the safe and reliable supply of water are indispensable to economic growth. By contributing to the provision these vital elements, enhancing water quality and preserving the river and ocean environment,

Mitsubishi Electric is supporting the strong and sustainable growth of India.



Conceptualized as a magnet for global financial capital, the construction of this national project in Gandhinagar in the State of Gujarat in India is steadily progressing towards the realization of a “Finance Tec-City”, global financial service hub that boasts state-of-the-art connectivity, infrastructure and transportation.

[Delivery date] 2015 [Product] Process Automation Control and Monitoring System