Case Study

Recycling energy to serve you in safety and comfort

Columbia Asia Hospitals chose HVAC leader Mitsubishi Electric for its cutting edge air conditioning system. Producing around 6,000 liters of 45°C water per hour with comfortable ambient temperature. Our solutions was selected by the green hospital with life-cycle costs (initial + running costs) in mind.


The Columbia Asia Group is rapidly expanding its health care facilities in India. The group proactively uses energy-saving and environmentally-friendly equipment including solar panels and water-recycling systems.

The Columbia Asia Hospital in Whitefield, Bangalore, is no exception and the hospital management looked for an energy-efficient Chiller with low life-cycle costs (low post-installation running costs) to offer generous services in a comfortable environment to the locals and expats alike.

Whitefield Bangalore’s Columbia Asia Hospital needed a multipurpose Chiller that could meet their requirements of efficient cooling, comfort and limited installation space since they were taking over an existing building.

From left to right:
Mr. Anil Dev, Chief Technology Officer, Climaveneta
Mr. Stayendar Khurana, Senior Vice President, Columbia Asia Hospitals
Mr.TM Surendan, Deputy General Manager, Climaveneta

We asked Columbia Asia Hospitals Vice President the determining factors that led to their selection of the Mitsubishi Electric–Climaveneta Chiller.

Mr. Stayendar Khurana, Senior Vice President, Columbia Asia Hospitals

*1. According to statistical data from the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC)

“The factors we stressed when making our choice were product quality and after-sales service. This equipment has good energy conservation characteristics, plus [as a by-product of that] it eliminates the cost of hot water. Moreover, Climaveneta has a plant and offices near the hospital, so we can relax when it comes to services like maintenance and repairs. The final determinant to go along with the trust we have in Climaveneta technology and service was the sense of security we got from the Mitsubishi Electric brand… We are very satisfied.”

Calculating the cost of Energy

The Mitsubishi Electric-Climaveneta Chiller’s 384TR cooling capacity as a by-product generates 196Kw of heating load which can produce around 6,000 liters of 45°C water per hour, more than the requirement of 4,000 liters of hot water the hospital currently uses every day

Calculating the cost of energy basis charges in Tokyo, where Mitsubishi Electric Head Office is located, the cost comes to 43.5 INR per 200 liter (87 Japanese yen, 1 INR=2 Japanese yen).

If the maximum amount of hot water i.e. 6000 liter/h is used for 10 hours every day, INR 3.9 lakh (780,000 Japanese yen) can be saved every month simply by operating Mitsubishi Electric-Climaveneta Chillers.

The VFD Chiller system, a Mitsubishi Electric-Climaveneta Chiller being installed in a new 24-hour emergency hospital at Sarjapur Road in Bangalore, saves even more energy than the one at Whitefield. The good relations the two companies share, the technologies, and the sense of security the brand provides all contribute to drawing new orders. Senior Vice President Khurana adds,

“We win praise when Mitsubishi Electric helps us with its energy-saving products.”

Getting a sense of the equipment’s life-cycle and overall costs before buying decision has become the norm for decision-making in recent years. Hospitals, hotels and institutions need to provide its visitors with generous services and a comfortable environment for 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.They focus particularly on the post-installation energy conservation characteristics when deciding on an air-conditioning system, as well as judge the sense of security a manufacturer provides for maintenance services. Delivering an energy-saving system is equivalent to social contributions in the world today.

Energy-efficient Mitsubishi Electric-Climaveneta Air-Cooled Screw Chiller with De-Super Heater cuts operational costs with high part-load efficiency and generates around 6,000 liters of 45°C water per hour completely cost-free. For hospitals needing large amounts of hot water (for room heating, humidity control, bathing, laboratories, cafeterias, etc.) and hotels with equivalent needs (for room heating, humidity control, guest room baths, food courts, feed water for boilers, laundry, etc.), energy-saving Mitsubishi Electric-Climaveneta Chillers are their way of contributing to planet earth.

Mitsubishi Electric-Climaveneta Chiller Helps Hospitals, Hotels and Institutions Save Energy for the Planet



[Installed products] Air Cooled Screw Chiller with De-Super Heater [Installed date] December, 2013