Case Study

Delivering well-being and nature to residents.

True to its philosophy of healthy, luxurious yet ecological living, Aarogyam is home to green solutions such as a rain harvesting system.


Aarogyam Homes, located close to the Himalayas in the town of Haridwar that experiences extreme temperature difference in summer and winter, provides comprehensive services for healthy and leisurely lifestyles.

It is a luxury apartment development that brings about a lifestyle that is harmonious with nature. Spacious premises filled with lush greenery and facilities that provide support for a comfortable life have been established. These include more than 600 residential apartments, gardens, pools, and spas that incorporate the traditions of India.

Developed based on the concept of eco-friendliness, it has also incorporated cutting-edge technology such as rainwater harvesting system.

Mitsubishi Electric's air conditioners have been installed in all 600 apartments here. This is because Mitsubishi Electric is a premium brand for air conditioners and is a status symbol for its buyers. In addition, its stylish and outstanding design, track record of supply to large scale global projects, strong durability, and eco-friendliness are also the factors that led to its selection for this project.

Mitsubishi Electric's air conditioners are made using reusable materials. Through advanced technologies such as inverter control functions for energy saving and comfort, temperature, and humidity, as well as fuzzy control, it is able to provide quiet and comfortable living spaces throughout the year, as well as an environmentally-friendly lifestyle.

This is one example of an advanced solution offered by Mitsubishi Electric.

Mitsubishi Electric's room air conditioners are installed in more than 140 countries around the world, including India.

They are also used in many new luxury apartments that are being built across India. Mitsubishi Electric's energy saving air conditioners are providing comfortable living spaces throughout India.



Aarogyam Homes is located close to the Himalayas in the town of Haridwar that experiences extreme temperature differences summer and winter. Aarogyam Homes is a world-class apartment complex spread over 19 acres developed on the philosophy of healthy, luxurious living and spiritual well-being.

[Delivery date] 2012 [Delivery record] Room air-conditioning system (Phase 1 construction for both year of supply and actual supply results)