Case Study

Green elevators are giving the environment a lift.

The Ruby is an energy efficient building that provides comfortable office environments for workers in Mumbai.


Mumbai has the most high-rise buildings in India. Most of these high-rise buildings are for residential use, among those, The Ruby is the tallest office building in Mumbai.

It is a 40-story 191m (627 feet) high modern and beautifully designed building with a full glass facade that is recognised as a landmark in Mumbai, and a centre of finance and business in India.

The glass that was used for the building's wall is made of eco-friendly material that blocks sunlight and increases the efficiency of air conditioning.

The Ruby provides comfortable office space for workers in Mumbai. When you enter, you experience large open spaces and beautiful views as if you stepped into another world. An advanced building control system in this building efficiently controls air-conditioning, lighting, elevators and more.

Ruby Mills Limited planned to apply The Ruby to be inducted into LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) a world standard rating system for green buildings. This energy efficient building features elevators that meet all the requirements of elevators in high-rise buildings such as controlling elevators’ speed and loads, short waiting time, ease of use, modern design and comfort. They also meet the strict energy efficiency standard. 18 Mitsubishi Electric elevators that satisfy all those criteria are installed in The Ruby.

* LEED® is a registered trademark owend by the?? U.S. Green Building Council.

Transport performance in morning rush hour was improved about 15%* by DOAS (Destination Oriented Allocation System). Efficient running of elevators and short waiting time saved energy spending. At the same time, the security of the building was enhanced. Tenants of The Ruby appreciate its comfort and security.

*Comparison of rush hour sources:

Results of demonstration done at Tokyo building by Mitsubishi Electric.

Mitsubishi Electric's advanced green technology was adapted to elevators worldwide. These technologies include a compact and efficient winding machines, regenerative converters and DOAS (Destination Oriented Allocation System) control that ensure elevators run efficiently.

These advanced technologies result in reduction of waiting and riding time and realise energy savings.

This case is one of Mitsubishi Electric's advanced solutions. More than 900000 Mitsubishi Electric elevators and escalators are running in over 90 countries worldwide.

In India, 8000 safe and efficient elevators have been running and about 600 to 700 elevators are planned to be installed every year.



Built in 2011. A 40-story 191m (627 feet) height building located at Dadar in centre of Mumbai.

[Delivery date] 2011

[Delivery record] Elevator and Escalator Systems