Case Study

Planting a greener environment and production facilities.

ACG Worldwide is the second largest manufacturer of empty hard capsules in the world.


Shirwal is located 30km south of Pune with a population of 11000. There are two of the world-class factories owned by ACG Worldwide, the medical capsule manufacturer. One is a capsule factory with the second largest production output in the world, and the other is a machine manufacturer owned by a group company, PAM. Machines produced at this factory represent 70%-80% of the OEM market for Indian medical manufacturing machinery. Mitsubishi Electric supplies Energy Saving Automation Products as well as Energy Saving Air Conditioners to their factories.

Today, medical supply manufacturing requires accurate temperature controls, therefore highly efficient air conditioning and energy saving manufacturing are a must. Mitsubishi Electric, a comprehensive electrics manufacturer, has responded to those needs with a wide range of products and advanced energy saving technology. As a result, Mitsubishi Electric delivers 85% of automation products to PAM.

An inverter was the key device of this energy efficient FA system project. For instance, the inverter for an air conditioning realised up to 60% energy saving compared to air conditioners without the inverter by balancing pump and fan energy.

Moreover, air conditioning controls at the capsule factory enable energy savings of up to 10% by utilising innovative OED controls that provide optimal magnetic flux to the motor.

These inverters combine innovative functions and reliable technology with maximum power, economy and flexibility.

The ACG Worldwide case is one of the representative cases of Mitsubishi Electric solutions incorporated all over the world.

Mitsubishi Electric provides advanced eco technology for companies seeking energy efficient manufacturing in India.

Mitsubishi Electric will continue to contribute to the development of this green manufacturing to help protect India's rich environment.



ACG Worldwide has been providing service for the pharmaceutical industry for over 50 years. They provide comprehensive packaging solutions for medicinal supply manufacturing. Their production of empty hard capsules is the second largest in the world.

[Delivery year] 2013 (Shirwal factory) [Delivery record] FA System - PLC, QCPU with motion capacity, Human Machine Interface (GOT), VFD (Inverter)