Case Study

Indulging both you and nature in comfort.

Vastu Luxuria is a high-end residential complex that offers a comfortable and healthy lifestyle amidst a lush green environment.


As a result of economic development, the cities of India are undergoing rapid development in the areas of infrastructure and living environment. Surat, a city in the western part of India that has achieved an economic growth rate of more than 10% per year, is a representative example of such a city. Surat has a population of 4.6 million people*, the second largest population in the state of Gujarat. It was one of the earliest cities to provide a stable supply of safe water and develop sewage treatment facilities, and is a modern city with an Internet user base that exceeds 65% of its population.

* Provisional Population Totals, Census of India 2011

Vastu Luxuria, with its impressive main gate dressed in luxurious gold, is one of the high-end residential complexes that are being built in all parts of India. It is conveniently located in close proximity to airports, schools, and shopping plazas. The spacious premises, overflowing with lush greenery and a spectacular fountain, are equipped with a swimming pool, gym, clubhouse, and facilities for children. Attention and care have been paid to ensure that residents can enjoy comfortable and healthy lifestyles. At Vastu Luxuria, Mitsubishi Electric's room air conditioners have been installed in as many as 1,584 rooms for 264 households.

Mitsubishi Electric's room air conditioners have been installed in such a large number of places due to the recognition of Mitsubishi Electric as a premium brand, and its advanced features provide both comfort and energy saving performance.

Airflow is controlled automatically toward places where people are present, providing even greater comfort. With this function, users can enjoy being in a cool environment even when the temperature is set at a higher level than before, and this in turn contributes to conserving energy.

This is one example of an advanced solution offered by Mitsubishi Electric. Mitsubishi Electric's room air conditioners are installed in various countries around the world, including India. They are also used in many new luxury apartments that are being built across India. Mitsubishi Electric's energy-saving air conditioners are providing comfortable living spaces throughout India.



Vastu Luxuria is a group of modern high-end residential complexes located along the river Tapti in Surat, the second largest city in the state of Gujarat. It was designed based on the concept of providing healthy and comfortable lifestyles amidst a lush green environment.