Case Study

Keeping schools in India a cool place to learn.

G.D. Goenka School is a foremost educational institution in Delhi. The school buildings and infrastructural facilities have been developed to provide an environment that is ideal for learning.


G.D. Goenka School is a leading educational setup driven by a passion for excellence in education, where Globalisation is the Keyword.

A galaxy of educational institutions from preschool to postgraduate with world-class infrastructure, healthy and well maintained Wi-Fi enabled campuses, well equipped libraries, hi-tech laboratories, and a dedicated and seasoned faculty, all support an ideal conducive environment for learning.

The school was looking for an air conditioning system that could match their contemporary architecture. Remarkable comfort, low running cost and energy saving were the principal challenges for this project.

Mitsubishi Electric CITY MULTI was chosen over other competitor bids because it presents Four Way Cassette Type Indoor Units that match the classroom decor and other modern devices. Uniform cooling was also one of the primary requirements.

The CITY MULTI with 100% inverter-based technology also met the need for low running costs. These are the reasons why Mitsubishi Electric's air conditioning systems have been chosen by customers, not only in India but around the world.

Delhi experiences high temperatures and extreme heat. Mitsubishi Electric's air conditioners not only provide children with a comfortable learning environment through their advanced technology, but also contribute to the Earth’s environment. This is one example of the numerous CITY MULTI air conditioning solutions offered by Mitsubishi Electric. CITY MULTI is used in schools, hotels, offices, leisure facilities, hospitals, healthcare facilities, and cultural facilities worldwide.



G.D. Goenka School is a leading educational setup facility driven by a passion for excellence in education, where Globalisation is the keyword. It's part of a galaxy of educational sites from pre schools to postgraduate institutions with world-class infrastructure.

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