Case Study

Minimizing consumption to maximize power flow.

India’s goal is to create a sustainable society. Power semiconductors that offer great energy savings are recongnised as important devises for reaching this goal.


Nights beautifully lit or modern offices with comfortable temperatures are expected in inner cities. However, that requires great energy consumption. At present, the concern is that demand for electricity surpasses India’s supply.

Mitsubishi Electric supplies power semiconductors that efficiently control power supplies in India. This energy saving devise has wide ranging applications and is used throughout the world. The devise itself is small, but the effect on power consumption is huge.

For example, Mitsubishi Electric has developed power semiconductors used inside invertor air conditioners. In 2007, the DIPIPM power semiconductor which was produced by us saved 28 billion kWh(*1) in Japan. This is equal to one third of the supply gap incurred in 2009 to 2010 of 89.3 billion kWh(*2). This data shows a small device such as power semiconductors can actually deliver large savings in energy spending.

*1 The energy saving effect of DIPIPM based on survival rate of air conditioners through aging calculated by Mitsubishi Electric.

*2 Annual Report 2009-2010 published by Indian Central Electricity Agency

A power semiconductor switches electric current from alternating to direct current or reduces voltage from 5V to 3V. By regulating electricity they control the power supply to motors, charging batteries, microcomputers and LSI.

Mitsubishi Electric has achieved the reduction of power loss by developing packaged devices and usage of new materials such as silicon carbide for SiC semiconductors.

Power semiconductors are used for a wide range of applications from air conditioners, home appliances, elevators to railroad and industrial machinery. In the future they are expected to be used even more widely from hybrid automobiles, renewable energy generation, such as solar and wind energy generators to smart grid. This is an important factor in achieving a more efficient and improved low carbon emissions society. Power semiconductors are expected to play a major role in India as it aims to create an energy efficient, sustainable society.

Minimizing consumption to maximize power flow

Mitsubishi Electric, as a comprehensive electronics manufacturer, uses its own power semiconductors in many of its products. Our power semiconductors enjoy a commanding share of the market due to their reliability and performance. This is made possible based on a proven record and synergic effect cultivated by fulfilling our own needs.

The next story will be about Mitsubishi Electric’s power semiconductors that increase the power of natural “wind power generation”.