Case Study

Mitsubishi Electric's green technology lifts people as well as their spirits in India.

ITC Grand Chola is the largest hotel to achieve LEED® world standards environmental evaluation.


ITC Grand Chola is a large hotel that resembles a palace surrounded by greenery located in the centre of Chennai. It is an elegant 5-star Indian style hotel with 522 rooms featuring first-class amenities and 78 luxurious serviced apartments, providing the highest level of hospitality in India. ITC Grand Chola received the LEED® Platinum* certification and is a representative hotel of sustainable hospitality. The highest level of LEED® is the platinum certification and ITC Grand Chola is the largest hotel to receive this Platinum status.

*LEED® stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. It is a world environment rating system that encourages building and land usage to consider energy saving and the environment.

*LEED® is a registered trademark owend by the?? U.S. Green Building Council.

Mitsubishi Electric used a Permanent Magnetic Motor with their original “Poki-Poki Motor Technology” combined with a winding machine that contributes to energy savings.

Mitsubishi Electric's elevators, with energy saving, environmentally friendly systems and elegant modern design, are installed not only at ITC Grand Chola, but also at famous 5 star hotels in India such as the Taj, Leela, Hyatt, Hilton and Sheraton. This ITC Grand Chola example is one of Mitsubishi Electric's advanced solutions operating more than 900000 elevators and escalators in over 90 countries. In India, 8000 safe and efficient elevators have been running and about 600 to 700 elevators are planned to be installed every year. Mitsubishi Electric has a worldwide reputation for incomparable production quality, safety, and environmental performance.



ITC Grand Chola is the highest quality 5-star hotel in South India. Its elegant palace like appearance and surrounding lush greenery make it most attractive to visitors. It is one of over 100 hotels throughout India operated by the ITC hotel chain.

[Delivery date] 2012

[Delivery record] Elevator and Escalator Systems