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New transportation model that IT city is proud of – Bangalore metro. People in the big city are hoping Bangalore metro will be their convenient transportation choice.


India is one of the countries that try to invest the most for transportation systems. There is an increasing disparity between rapid economic growth of industries in IT cities with each over one million people and transportation systems which largely remains undeveloped. In order to address the problem, the Bangalore metro project in South India was launched in 2009 to ease the traffic congestion due to Bangalore's rapid economic growth of over seven million people.

After the huge success of “Delhi Metro Project”, this project proceeded with a group of Japanese companies, including Mitsubishi Electric. In 2011, they first opened six stations of the East-West line with four trains. Although expansion towards East-West and South-North is still in progress, when completed, it will be called a Tech Hub in the suburbs and will make transportation easier and more comfortable. As a result, it is expected to decrease automotive traffic by 30% in Bangalore.

Bangalore metro with lighter bodies, the first Wi-Fi connection in Indian subway and the comfortable air conditioned cars will be a showcase of world class technology suitable for the IT city.

Mitsubishi Electric was responsible for the entire electric equipment for the subway cars just like the Delhi metro project. “Regenerative braking system” that generates power during braking and “Traction Control Inverter” that uses power generated by regenerative braking system are some of the energy saving technologies used. Together with main and auxiliary power generators that can provide highly stable electric supply make this advanced IT transportation system possible.

Bangalore metro is one of many representative cases of Mitsubishi Electric solutions that run 22000 trains in 25 countries worldwide*. As urban transportation system construction proceeds in India, subways will be installed in cities with populations of over 5 million. In South India, the project is in progress in Chennai and Kolkata as well as Bangalore. Mitsubishi Electric is working towards contributing to the subway plans for those cities following our success at Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai and Jaipur.

* as of 2009

Mitsubishi Electric has been a supplier of transportation products since 1922, and is recognised as the only manufacturer that can supply systems for trains to “run, stop and control” efficiently.

Disclaimer: Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Limited (BMRCL) will be in no way responsible or liable in the event that any Mitsubishi Electric product does not meet its expected performance.

We make travelling easier for you while protecting the Earth



Bangalore Metro is the project for creating a subway system in the city of Bangalore in South India, started in 2009. Mitsubishi Electric delivered electric equipment for subway cars for the first subway system in India in 2001. Initially, they opened six stations of the East-West line with four trains. Expansions are planned for the further development, and the second phase of the project is already in progress.

[Delivery date] 2011 [Delivery record] Railcar Equipment (Main Motor, Main Converter, Auxiliary Power Supply, etc)