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India is home to many natural masterpieces which attract travellers from across the globe. From beaches, backwaters, wild-life sanctuaries to mountains, the environment needs to be conserved as well. In fact, it is quite important to maintain this balance at all times.

Dharamshala - Nature’s Masterpiece
Dharamshala - Nature’s Masterpiece mobile
Dharamshala - Nature’s Masterpiece

Dharamshala is a charming city nestled in the Dhauladhar Range of Himalayas. With its customers spread across the country, Mitsubishi Electric offers strong sales and service support to Dharamshala and every part of the country thus Partnering India’s Dream to be No. 1

Striking A Balance
Striking a balance mobile
Striking A Balance

But, with ever increasing tourism, Dharamshala’s fragile ecosystem faces more pressure. It is in our hands to turn things around to help maintain this delicate balance. That is why many hotels, civil society volunteers and local residents in the region are working constantly to preserve the natural surroundings.

Bringing sustainability to comfort
Bringing sustainability to comfort mobile
Bringing Sustainability To Comfort

Built with Advanced Inverter technology, our Air conditioners are designed to be more eco-friendly. Through its efficient Air Conditioning solutions, Mitsubishi Electric isn’t just creating a comfortable environment for those who visit these places; it is helping preserve many such delicate ecosystems for future generations as well, one of the many ways how Mitsubishi Electric is Partnering India’s Dream to be No.1

Fortune Park Moksha
Fortune Park Moksha mobile
Fortune Park Moksha – Powering Our Customer’s Mission

Fortune Park Moksha, a resort based in Dharamshala, believes in the principle of ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’, which means ‘the guest is God’. Dedicated to providing quality service to its guests, the resort is deeply committed to preserving the valley too. One of the important steps taken by Fortune Park Moksha in this direction is the installation of Mitsubishi Electric’s all-weather air conditioners.

Project Highlight


The installation of the air conditioners was quite challenging because of the remote location and harsh weather conditions. However, the seamless performance of the ACs commissioned at the facility is proof of a successful accomplishment. No matter what the climatic conditions, be it 34 degree Celsius in summers or -4 degree Celsius in winters, our air conditioners ensure a comfortable environment.

Date of Commissioning

April 2014

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