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7 Incredible Advantages of Elevator Modernization

If you work in an office with elevators, you can very well relate with the frustration of getting late to work because of a long queue at the elevator or the elevator stopping at every floor, or any other elevator-related problem. Slow-to-arrive elevators and extended wait times could be pointing to one thing – that it is time to modernize your elevators.

Elevator modernization or lift modernization is the process of carrying out the upgradation of important parts of the equipment. Its purpose is to improve safety standards and performance that has deteriorated over time. Usually, elevator modernisation affects the turning motors and controller equipment. But, many go for it for the purpose of remodelling of the aesthetics as well.

Is Elevator Modernization Necessary?

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The typical service life of an elevator is around 20 years. Its performance capabilities start to decrease after a specific point resulting in problems such as breakdowns, frequent maintenance, slow mobility, and so on.

Elevator modernization can improve the performance of elevators, making them more efficient and reliable. It also helps to save up on maintenance cost as all the old parts are replaced with fresh, contemporary parts which keep the elevator problem-free for a long time to come.

Benefits of Elevator Modernization

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There are many advantages of elevator modernization. These include: -

1. Increases Efficiency

Modernizing elevators increases their efficiency. Take the Elevator Group Control System by Mitsubishi Electric for example. It is a solution that works to increase the efficiency of elevators in a remarkable way.

Another noteworthy system by Mitsubishi Electric is DOAS (Destination Oriented Allocation System). With the help of this system, elevators take shorter journeys with lesser number of stops at different floors. All of this seamlessly combines to increase its operational efficiency.

2. Lowers Energy Costs

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Modernizing elevators helps you in saving valuable energy and cut costs by a significant amount.

3. Reduced Electromagnetic Noise

Electromagnetic noise can prove to be harmful to computers and wireless networks. The higher the amount of noise, the higher is the amount of harm caused. Modernizing the elevators can aid in keeping this noise under a specific level.

4. Improved Reliability

Old and unreliable elevators have more chances of getting malfunctioned. They can stop between floors, completely cease to work or have temporary breakdowns. When you invest in elevator modernization, you can easily make sure that none of this happens.

5. Reduced Maintenance

In order to run a place in a more efficient manner, one has to take cost-saving measures. But, continuous cash outflows to repair the elevator are not going to help in taking such measures. This is where elevator modernization proves to be useful. It replaces every old part with fresh parts. By doing this, the elevator remains problem-free for a long time. In the end, it helps you save a huge amount of money that you would have otherwise spent on maintenance.

6. Safety

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One of the most important reasons to go for elevator modernization is to upgrade elevator safety that is at par with the current standards. The cost you pay for elevator modernization will be worth it in the end because you will be able to improve the safety standards of your elevator.

7. Aesthetics

A lot of people go for elevator modernisation to add more appeal to their elevators. They also opt for it to add more value to their building with the help of contemporary designs.

More the Modernity; Better the Comfort

Mitsubishi Elevators India, as a pioneering elevator modernization company, contributes to making mobility easier within building spaces through technologies like DOAS (Destination Oriented Allocation System) and Elevator Group Control System.

Let’s talk about the ‘Elevator Group Control System’ first. The system involves the management of a series of elevators which are organised into separate groups. It runs cars while considering passenger wait times. In this system, Mitsubishi Electric’s algorithm comes into play for predicting a number of factors from every angle in order to juggle different elevators. These factors include the location of the other cars, the location they are going next, and so on. This system actually helps you optimise the running of elevators which provides increased convenience, enhanced efficiency, and reduced electricity consumption.

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Next comes DOAS (Destination Oriented Allocation System) which is integrated with Security System. When the employees reach their office building, they often take their security card and swipe them over a scanner. With the help of DOAS, the scanner takes information from the card and sends it on the designated floor of each employee and calls an elevator car which best suits the intended routes of each of the employees. With such a system in place, you no longer have to press a button for the floor you wish to go to. There are no repetitive stops at far-off floors either. This system makes sure of a less-crowded, smoother experience, taking people where they need to go with a lot less stress.

Apart from DOAS and Elevator Group Control System, elevators by Mitsubishi Electric are also incorporated with multi-functional regenerative convertor that offers benefits like energy savings, cost-effectiveness, to name some – it is the innovation of today for ensuring a sustainable future tomorrow.

01 October 2021

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