Can an Air Conditioning System Improve Air Quality Indoors?

One of the biggest issues that the country faces right now is the increase in PM 2.5 and various other pollutants in the air we breathe. Like outside, indoor air too carries numerous contaminants like Nitrogen dioxide, Formaldehyde, Aerosols, VOC’s (volatile organic compounds), chemicals etc. These contaminants serve as breeding grounds for different airborne microbes, and are the root cause behind allergies, cold and flu, among other ailments.

To maintain the quality of the air inside we need a proper ventilation system with good filtration. Created for your comfort, Mitsubishi Electric’s range of products has Lossnay Ventilation system which safeguards you against PM 2.5 and other pollutants, saves energy consumption of building and increases the quality of air you breathe.

What is Lossnay and how does it work

Lossnay is basically the ultimate ventilation system that provides fresh clean air coming directly from outside excluding the air available in the room, removes both moisture, stale indoor air and effectively recovers heat not only from outgoing stale air but also from damp areas such as kitchens and bathrooms. Designed to achieve recovery of waste energy from ventilated air, the Lossnay protects you against pollution. Lossnay decreases the entire costs of energy by extracting the stale air, and then recovering the cooling or heating energy to cool or heat fresh air.

The Lossnay Core: The notable technology that allows fresh air intake with the least amount of loss in indoor temperature is called the "Lossnay Core". The Lossnay Core provides comfort with the help of the heat-exchange-unit’s cross flow, plate fin structure. Additionally, a diaphragm is present, which is composed of a specially processed paper that completely separates the exhausted and inducted air supplies. This design makes sure that only fresh air enters indoors without getting contaminated by pollutants in the exhaust air.

Mitsubishi Electric’s Lossnay Energy Recovery Ventilators

If you ventilate an air-conditioned room with fresh air from the outside during a hot summer day, the humidity and temperature of the room will increase. At this point, to keep the room cool, the air conditioner will have to work at a more powerful setting to control its humidity and temperature. This, in turn, will consume more power and increase your electricity bill.

The Lossnay ventilation system uses a heat exchange technology to refresh the air within the room, and retain the cool and dry air you wish to have in your room. The system prevents the loss of energy during ventilation which helps reduce the amount of electricity used.

Given the tremendous benefits they offer, Lossnay Energy Recovery Ventilators are used in a wide range of applications, such as office buildings, municipal buildings, departmental stores, etc.

TRIVIA: The story behind Lossnay

In the year 1970, one of the Mitsubishi Engineers was playing with his daughter during a winter season, when he noticed that while blowing air through a paper rolled like tube, he felt warmth on his hands. This observation lead to the invention of Lossnay, which uses a special coated paper for energy recovery during ventilation process. Lossnay is the original static type energy recovery ventilator invented about 50 years ago.

Advantages of Lossnay

Pure air with energy conservation

Lossnay provides standard filter and optional filters that remove 95% airborne particulates (2.0µm or more). Recirculating the air through air purifier will remove particulate matter, without reducing chemical pollution and volatile organic compounds pollution and decrease in oxygen concentration. Lossnay helps in removing particulate matter, but also helps in reducing chemical and volatile organic compounds in room, maintaining oxygen level all by throwing conditioned stale air outside and bringing in filtered fresh air with partial conditioning.

Since the Lossnay ventilation system works towards increasing the air quality, it is ideal for cities troubled with pollution and smog. Helping you constantly decrease your exposure to pollution, the Lossnay technology provides the perfect solution for increasing the quality of air and getting rid of harmful pollutants.

Mitsubishi Electric believes in providing products driven by innovation - the Lossnay Technology is one of these solutions available for our customers.

31 May 2019