5 simple ways to maintain your Air Conditioner

An air conditioner (AC), without a doubt, is one of the most important appliances that you buy for your home. Air conditioners are essential during summers as they help in the conditioning of the air, which leads to a pleasant atmosphere within your home.

It can be highly inconvenient when an air conditioner does not work properly especially when humidity levels are at an all-time high. An AC that is not maintained starts consuming more energy and doesn’t function as effectively as it should.

That is where proper maintenance and timely servicing of air conditioners comes into the picture. To make sure such a situation does not occur, you have to be proactive about the maintenance of the air conditioners at home.

5 steps to stay aware of to maintain your air-conditioner easily: -

Get the air filter washed and cleaned

Air filters in ACs help in stopping dirt and dust particles from coming into your room. These air filters should not have an excess of particulate matter and should be cleaned in order to function efficiently. If your air filter is dirty, it will not only put excessive strain on the AC but also impact your room’s air quality. Air Filters can be easily be cleaned by end-users on a regular basis.

Get the coils cleaned

Air conditioning coils assist the refrigerant in absorbing the heat and cooling the room. These coils tend to become insulated with dust particles which reduce their ability to absorb heat. In such a situation, the air conditioning unit has to work harder for maintaining the room’s temperature. Therefore, make sure that the coils are cleaned regularly to prevent such a situation.

Because the coils are sharp and it will be risky to touch them, get this done from the professionals during periodic maintenance.

Ensure that Condenser Unit Fan is in Proper Condition

The condenser unit fan is important for the AC’s performance because it cools down the refrigerant gas. However, if it doesn’t work correctly, the AC no longer cools the room. In a case where you hear a weird sound coming from your AC, there’s a possibility that the condenser unit fan is at fault. In such a case, you must call up professional experts immediately to check for heaviness in the motor or examine any chips or cracks in the blades.

air conditioner maintenance service

Get the Condensate Drain inspected

A condensate drain is responsible for condensation in the system. In a case where the condensate drain is clogged, it will stop drainage. If you come to notice that the water is not getting drained out, register a service request for an AC professional to come and have a look at it.

Regular Professional Maintenance

It goes without saying that maintaining your AC is not only important for saving electricity bills but also to prevent equipment breakdowns. AC maintenance experts have the nous to examine and troubleshoot for any issues that your AC unit might have. Make sure you get your AC serviced at the recommended intervals to get optimal performance.

With proper maintenance from trained experts, you can enhance the operational efficiency of your AC so that both you and your family members experience the utmost level of comfort when it comes to air conditioning at home.

16 October 2019