Graphical Operation Controller (GOC43) is all set to transform Industries

Mitsubishi Electric India offers a range of high-quality products that have been manufactured to provide innovative solutions for the Indian market. The Factory Automation & Industrial Division of Mitsubishi Electric India launched an advanced version of the Graphic Operation Controller, the GOC43, supporting the Make in India initiative of the Government of India. This product is specifically made to suit the requirement of highly cost-conscious small and medium scale industries. This market segment has been slow in adopting the new-age manufacturing and automation technology because of its high capital and systemic requirements.

GOC43 is expected to catalyse growth for the small and medium scale industries by transforming them into much efficient, productive and high-quality manufacturing units.

What is GOC43?

The latest Graphic Operation Controller by Mitsubishi Electric India is a compact device that has been designed to offer an advanced set of features which are well-suited for a variety of applications. GOC43 has designed, and developed by our R&D centre in India and manufactured at our Pune manufacturing unit..

GOC43 has been designed to meet the automation needs of numerous industries, like Steel, Cement, Pharmaceutical, Automotive, Textile, HVAC, Infrastructure and more.

Features of GOC43

According to Mr. Hisahiro Nishimoto, the Business Unit Head of the Factory Automation & Industrial Division, Mitsubishi Electric India’s Factory Automation & Industrial Division (FAID) aims to share reliable and quality products, and, GOC43 will be able to fulfil automation needs for numerous industries. The top features of GOC43 that make this possible include:

  • All-In-One Controller: GOC43 has a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), Human-Machine Interfaces (HMI), and Annunciator Panel for configuration, all of which offer efficient control to the user. Equipped with an interactive display, it has a large memory that allows for handling complex programs.
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  • 4.3” Touchscreen, 64K Colour LCD: The new GOC43 is available with a 4.3” touchscreen display which is a graphical TFT LCD display with 64K colours, 480 X 272 pixels, and an IP65 front panel to ensure ease for the user.
  • Multi-Language Support: With support for languages like Hindi, English, Italian, German, and more, GOC43 ensures that there are no hassles faced when it comes to operations for regional users.
  • Integrated Flexible Design: GOC43 is a compact device that eliminates the need for separate wiring to be done for the Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) and Human-Machine Interface (HMI), which, in turn, reduces the assembly time of the device.
  • Seamless Connectivity: GOC43 is designed to support several protocols and offers hassle-free connectivity to the industrial devices that are required in digitisation projects.
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  • IIoT Connectivity: Mitsubishi Electric India is also working on introducing IIoT connectivity for GOC43 to enable smart remote monitoring.
  • graphical TFT LCD display
  • Easy Customisation Options: GOC43 is equipped with an in-built 4 windows annunciator panel that supports illuminated keys with slide-in label operation.
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  • IEC61131-3 Programming Platform: The controller also includes a single powerful programming platform for the Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) and Human-Machine Interfaces (HMIs). This platform meets global standards and helps reduce engineering time.

Supporting Make in India initiative

Mitsubishi Electric India has developed an All-in-One Solution for Indian manufacturers to be a part of the Make in India journey. We believe in crafting reliable and cost-efficient solutions that suit the industry’s needs. The objective is to save time and effort by providing a powerful automation platform which can increase productivity to meet the optimum efficiency.

  • Understanding the Challenges of SMEs & MSMEs: Automation and digitization of Indian SMEs and MSMEs need to be prioritized as they lack proper cash flow and face difficulty in raising capital amount. It further leads to getting no financial support from the bank due to high-interest rates. Most of the SMEs lack a properly skilled workforce and might find it tedious to operate complex technologies.

GOC43 is solving issues critical to High Productivity, Quality, and Efficiency.

  • Need for Cost-Efficient Technology: SMEs are in the need of technology that is locally manufactured to meet the optimal automation requirement. GOC43 solves the cost-efficiency factor for the SMEs which performs better than the outdated technologies which hamper productivity.
  • Eliminates Bottleneck and Saves Time: SMEs are bound to use old practices that consume a lot of time and physical labour. To eliminate the repetitive task, we have automated solutions to reduce the tension on the shop-floor.
  • Maintaining Quality Consistency & Maximum Productivity: Automation helps to optimize the operations cost and safeguards in challenges like variation in demand, irregular product mix, etc. GOC43 comes with easy integration techniques that comprise to become a meaningful solution to challenges. This affordable and intelligent automation helps to generate consistency in quality and maintains high productivity.
  • Easy Manpower Training: Ease of customization and powerful programming platform reduces the engineering time. The GOC43 has a widescreen and which makes it easy to connect, visualize and control

The need for automation is on the rise. The technology that contributes to efficiency and reliability needs to be recognized at all levels, starting from Small and Medium Scale enterprise to industries supporting domains of manufacturing. With the ease of customization and vivid visualization, Mitsubishi Electric India has designed GOC43 solving its customers challenges at work.

In the pursuit of manufacturing and development standards that can help set new benchmarks in the automation industry and facilitate the business growth of their customers, Mitsubishi Electric India has been consistently working on products that can help increase efficiency for various industries in the Indian market. Keeping customer and business growth needs in mind, the company shall keep striving towards developing high-quality products like GOC43. With coordinated efforts from all the stakeholders, automation in the SMEs, MSMEs and other industries is highly possible and will help the manufacturing sector grow.

2 November 2020

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