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Busting 7 Popular Myths About Air Conditioners

When it comes to living in a tropical climate country like India, having an air conditioner is a necessity for every household to beat the summer heat. Although there are several options available in the market, choosing the right air conditioner is quite tough. While making the decision, it is worth spending time to research about the features and reviews of different models. It is also important to stay aware of the myths concerning air conditioners that many people perceive as facts.

Myth 1: Quick cooling by turning down the temperature

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Most people believe that simply turning down the temperature will result in more cooling. As soon as they switch on the power, they set the AC’s thermostat to 16 degrees Celsius hoping that the cooling would start immediately. However, the reality is that even after turning down the temperature, the cooling will remain the same.

The main reason behind this phenomenon is that the airflow in most air conditioner systems cools to a pre-set temperature, and when the system is turned on, it takes a while before it reaches the desired or set temperature.

Myth 2: Lack of servicing will not impact the efficiency of an Air Conditioner

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This is another popular myth that many people believe. Just because the Air Conditioner is working fine, it doesn’t mean that it does not require any service or maintenance. Avoiding regular maintenance can lead to several issues with the air conditioner which will slowly affect its efficiency.

There are licensed technicians who are trained to screen and identify such issues and can help save the day. Hence, one should always schedule routine services to ensure that the air conditioning system performs at its best. It is suggested that you get your AC serviced at least once every season, preferably at the onset of the summer months.

Myth 3: Outdoor Units can be installed anywhere

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When it comes to the positioning of the outdoor unit of an air conditioner, many a time there is more than one suitable spot where we think the unit can be easily installed. Careful consideration is required to place it at the best spot so that the AC’s efficiency is not affected.

If the outdoor unit is installed at the wrong place, it could create a malfunction: smoke or fire. The amount of daily sunlight that falls directly on the outdoor unit is also a major consideration. It is recommended to place the unit in shade to minimise overheating and other costs, which will allow the air conditioner to operate more effectively and efficiently.

Myth 4: Cleaning my house daily so that I do not have to change the AC filter

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Cleaning or changing an AC’s air filter at gradual intervals is crucial for consistent cooling performance. Depending on where you live and the way your air conditioner is used defines how often you need to clean or change the filters. Cleaning or replacing a clogged filter can help lower your air conditioner's energy consumption and boost its efficiency and performance significantly.

Myth 5: To save your electricity bill, all you need is an efficient Air Conditioner

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An energy-efficient air conditioner can certainly help you save on electricity bills. However, it is not the only metric that one should consider when you intend to reduce energy consumption.

Choosing the correct size of the unit is also important. Installing a larger unit would simply increase your power consumption and a smaller unit would result in insufficient cooling. To identify the right AC size that would work best for your home or office space, you should consult a professional or a technician.

Myth 6: One can fall sick if they spend too much time in an Air-Conditioned area

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Many people tend to believe that if they spend a longer amount of time in an air-conditioned room, they might fall sick because of the chilly temperature. This consideration is not quite accurate. While it is not recommended to stay exposed to chilly temperatures for long durations of time, it won’t necessarily make you fall sick. There could be a collection of dust and mould in the air vents that might be exacerbating your allergic symptoms, which can be avoided by cleaning the vents and the air filters on a regular basis.

Myth 7: Air Conditioner can only be used in summers

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Probably one of the most popular myths is that air conditioners are only meant to be used during the blazing summer months. But, it is not like that. Many modern air conditioners come with advanced features and modes for different seasons, like Hot, Cold and Dry (monsoon mode which removes excess humidity from the room). All-season air conditioners can cool you down as well as double up as heaters, making them suitable for use in winters.

13 Sepetember 2021

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