Why Is It Important to Regularly Clean Your AC’s Air Filter?

Have you come across a situation where you switch on the AC and it just feels like it isn’t working well enough? Questions like these start to crop up in your head – shouldn’t it be cooler by now? Is this summer probably hotter than the last one? You then stand fiddling with the modes and temperature on the remote. You even put your hand across the blowers trying to detect a change in temperature. The solution to this can be a couple of things, one of which is cleaning the air filters.

Why It Is Important to Clean Air Filters

Cleaning the filters in your air conditioner is a crucial maintenance task that needs to be carried out diligently at periodic intervals. Dirty air filters often need more energy to operate, resulting in increased electricity bills and ineffective cooling. Here is more on the importance of cleaning air filters: -

1. To ensure the efficiency of your air conditioner Dirty, clogged filters result in blocking of normal airflow and decreasing the efficiency of the system by a significant amount. Cleaning these air filters, on the other hand, ensures consistent efficiency of your air conditioner.

2. Airborne particles do not get filtered because of a dirty filter An HVAC air filter has the responsibility to filter out dander, allergens, pollen, and other airborne particles which can prove harmful to your health. A properly functioning air filter can improve the quality of indoor air which is essential for your good health. But, when you have a dirty air filter, these airborne particles do not get filtered. This can be prevented by cleaning the air filters.

3. To keep your ductwork clean Worried about the dirt and dust in your ductwork? If the air conditioning filters are kept clean, it can help you keep your ductwork cleaner.

4. To extend the life of your air conditioning unit A dirty air filter will make it difficult for the AC to handle air. This, in turn, will result in increased wear and tear. Having said that, regular filter cleaning can help ease the pressure on your air conditioner and increase its lifespan.

It is important to know that lack of maintenance and dirt are some of the major causes of HVAC failure. So, improving the life of your air conditioner begins with a clean air filter.

When It Comes to Changing the Air Filters

Like any other depreciable spare, an AC air filter too has a shelf life; using it beyond that is not at all advisable. That is when replacement of the air filters come into the picture. Here is why it is important to change the air filter when the time calls for it: -

• Safeguard the environment A clogged air filter means a strained HVAC system that leads to the liberation of huge amounts of carbon dioxide as well as other greenhouse gases. Something as simple as changing an air filter can contribute to environmental protection.

• Save money A dirty air filter uses more energy and results in increased electricity bills. It is more expensive to run as compared to a new, clean air filter.

• Have healthy, clean air When you regularly change your air filter, it results in fresher, cleaner, and more beneficial air. This creates a conducive environment which is healthy for everyone at your home.

Something as simple as cleaning or changing your AC’s air filter can make a world of difference to how your AC performs, and doing it at recommended intervals is what matters.

23 December 2020