Get More Comfort and Savings with Tropical Inverter Technology Air-Conditioner

India is a country of extreme climatic conditions and as the mercury touches over 50°C in many parts of our country, we require an extraordinary product to regulate the room temperature to get the desired cooling. A comfortable environment for us should not compromise on the energy efficiency of an air conditioner. The latest Tropical Inverter Technology of Mitsubishi Electric balances both these aspects quite well. This AC technology is engineered to provide comfortable room temperature with the help of its powerful cooling, all the while keeping the electricity bills in check.

What is a Tropical Inverter Technology AC?

Pioneered by Mitsubishi Electric, their tropical inverter air conditioner employs inverter technology with a specially designed compressor and PCBs. This helps the AC to perform well even under extreme temperatures. While most ACs become inefficient at high temperatures, Mitsubishi Electric’s advance technology keeps their compressor efficient and PCBs cooled. The inverter works like a car’s accelerator and the inverter technology AC adjusts the speed according to the temperature of incoming air or as per the user demand.

The AC needs to adjust the tonnage so that the room temperature gets regulated to work efficiently under varied conditions. The AC executes variable speeds that helps it to get in the fast cooling mode when the room temperature is high and heating mode when it is cold. This is the reason why it is recommended that one should always check the nominal tonnage and cooling capacity as well as the heat load of the AC unit before completing the purchase.

How does a Tropical Inverter AC work?

The inversion mechanism of these ACs ensures that they have a soft start requiring lesser starting current. Operating at partial capacity, these ACs save upto 30% – 50% of electricity when compared to a normal air conditioner.

In order to vary the power input frequency, the inverter PCB converts the input current from AC to DC whereas a non-inverter AC has a fixed cooling capacity and the room temperature is controlled by stopping and starting its compressors. The non-inverter ACs need higher power to start and due to their higher electricity consumption, their room temperature fluctuation is also more, which makes people inside the room feel uneasy. In that sense, ACs with Tropical Inverter Technology are energy-efficient and deliver better comfort compared to non-inverter ACs.

Advantages of Tropical Inverter Technology in Air-Conditioners

1. Lesser electricity bills

The biggest advantage of having a Mitsubishi Electric AC powered with Tropical Inverter Technology is that it performs well even under harsh temperatures without spiking your power bills as they consume lower electricity.

2. Best-in-class comfort

A Tropical Inverter AC is known to be the best when it comes to providing a comfortable environment inside the room. Capacity modulation through their compressors helps it to maintain constant room temperature.

3. Quiet Operation

Every AC that makes noise is majorly due to the sound of the compressor. On the other hand, Tropical Inverter ACs by Mitsubishi Electric come equipped with jacket protection on the compressor that damps the compressor noise.

4. Faster Cooling

The click of a button on the AC’s remote makes the compressor and fan run at their maximum speed, increasing the cooling process on demand.

Undoubtedly, Tropical Inverter Technology Air Conditioners by Mitsubishi Electric are the best choice for those who wish for more comfort as well as more savings.

9 July 2020

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