Experience Comfort & Quality with MSY GR(T) Series

India has a variety of climate from tropical in the south to temperate and alpine in the Himalayan north.

The country enjoys a variety of climatic subtypes- tropical monsoon climate, tropical wet and dry climate. However, the most common is the tropical wet and dry climate which prevails over most inland peninsular India. Summer is exceedingly hot leading to heat waves, and the rainy season lasts from June to September. This tropical climate which turns from scorching summer to humid during rains calls for the need of an AC.

The climate in India makes it important to have an AC that uses a robust technology, capable of providing comfort at the temperature that reaches around 50° Celsius and which is efficient in tackling humidity in the rainy season. With disposable incomes increasing, the country has witnessed an increase in sales of AC, thus indicating the acceptance in the market and the realization that AC has moved from the luxury category to the household item of need. The market in India has witnessed double-digit growth in recent years and this growth is expected to continue in the years to come.

Mitsubishi Electric realizes the need to offer ACs that are equipped to cater to the different climatic conditions in India. The company feels responsible for the customers and the society. Keeping the diverse needs in mind, Mitsubishi Electric brings comfort & quality to the customers through its latest MSY GR (T) series, a tropical Inverter technology that ensures comfort and provides fast cooling at its best.

Best Feature: Tropical Inverter Technology

To choose the perfect AC for these varied climatic conditions becomes a challenge. The basic requirement is to have an AC that is efficient and saves energy. A relatively new technology, it is a mechanism that controls the amount of electricity being passed on the compressor. One of the biggest differences between inverter and non-inverter ACs is that in the former compressor does not cut off resulting in low energy consumption.

Innovation & Technology companies like Mitsubishi Electric that are known to deliver high satisfaction, energy-efficient performance, and minimum impact on the environment. The 5-star air conditioners of MSY GR-T Series cater to Tropical Inverter Cooling. The operational range of MSY GR(T) Series is up to 52° Celsius (Outdoor Temperature) with an optimized heat exchanger and the PCBs for improved cooling performance.

The model is equipped with an optimized heat exchanger and high cubic feet per minute (CFM) for fast cooling. Even under the harsh tropical conditions, it is equipped to maintain the rated cooling capacity and achieve effective air conditioning. The air conditioner also has a “New Remote Controller” which has a specialty to display the errors code on the remote controller for convenient troubleshooting.

What we provide: Long Airflow

On hottest days of the season, it is required to go for ACs that cover the whole room. One should not go for the ACs that come with a 2-way (up and down) swing blade as ACs with the 4D swing function (up-down + right-left) are required for uniform cooling across the room. MSY GR(T) Series takes care of this requirement during the tropical heat as it projects air current up to 12 meters and its Auto Vane Control takes care of the 4D air need to cover all corners of the room. Its unique cross-flow fan holds Guinness World Record for the longest running cross flow air, which comes with auto vanes that can move in all directions by using the remote. The Cross-Flow Fans guide air smoothly along each rotating blade, while air enters and expels.

What we provide: Dual Barrier Coating

In this region, rising air impurity is a concern as the rising air pollution is leading to increased respiratory diseases. Thus, air filtration is one of the most important aspects and MSY GR(T) takes care of this with the help of its Dual Barrier Coating (DBC) and Micro-Particle Catching Filters (MPC). The DBC in the air conditioner will prevent dust and greasy dirt from getting into the air conditioner and MPC eliminates PM 2.5 and smaller dust particles. This helps in keeping the air clean in the room. PM 2.5 denotes fine particles in the air and comes from vehicle emissions alongside the burning of wood and oil.

Our Solution: Fast Cooling

As everyone is obsessed with fast charging technology in smartphones, the preference should be extended to ACs for fast cooling and increasingly people are looking for such air conditioners. In fact, during the summer, it becomes atrocious to wait for the room to get cooled. MSY GR(T) is designed to cool the room in a jiffy. For this purpose, the AC throws cool air at high speed for around 30 minutes to bring down the room temperature at a comfortably cool level. It comes with intelligent image sensor technology that works according to the number of people in the room and then cools accordingly.

MSY GR(T) Series – Premium Quality Service in India.

Mitsubishi Electric is ready to deliver comfort, quality along with reliability; taking upon itself the challenge to provide fast cooling in hot regions where temperature as high as 52° Celsius. Recently, Mitsubishi Electric launched an AD Campaign with a tagline “Creating your Comfort”. The 120 sec AD features the hard work of an Air-conditioner Service man in a tiring hot day of summer hustling in fixing up the outdoor units and bringing comfort in the homes. The AD showcases his everyday life at work, supporting the end to end installation process. Thus, in purview to be the Global Leading Green Company, Mitsubishi Electric is consistently working to be process-driven and pro-active in its service approach.

22 August 2019