elevator etiquette

Escalator & Elevator Etiquette You Need to Know

It is important to realize that in every kind of environment, be it a restaurant, a workplace, or even a cab you hail, there is a certain etiquette that everyone is expected to follow. Even elevators and escalators warrant their own specific set of rules. Following etiquette makes sure that everyone stays comfortable, safe, and is able to move about in the most efficient way possible.

Today, several buildings have elevators and escalators which see a lot of use. However, many people fail to follow proper ‘elevator and escalator etiquette’, making it less than likeable for others.

So, if you find yourself about to take the escalator or elevator, here are some things that you would do well to remember: -

Escalator Etiquette

elevator etiquette

1. Stand to the Left

When getting on an escalator, follow a rule of gravitating towards the left. One should stand on the left and any person who is confused about the notion of an escalator and thinks that they are normal stairs or is just in a hurry to go up can walk on the right and overtake the people standing.

Standing on the left is an important rule to follow. This way, no one has to navigate through a disorderly group of people in order to reach to the top quickly. Stick to the right if you are in a rush and climbing, and to the left if you are just coasting.

Also, consider a situation where you stick to the left on the escalator but have set down a big suitcase or shopping bags on your side. You are again not letting people go through. If you have to, keep your bags or luggage to the left as well, in front of you (in the best possible way you can).

2. Do Not Stand in Front of the Escalator

Do not stand idly in front of the entrance or exit of the escalator. Doing so can cause extreme inconvenience to a number of people who want to use the escalator at that moment.

3. Do Not Confuse the Escalator with a Ride

Lastly, make sure that your children (and some adults) are aware of the fact that escalators are not rides. Don’t let them go up and down an escalator again and again. It is something that’s very unsafe, and not to mention, annoying for others using the escalator.

Elevator Etiquette

escalator etiquette

1. Don’t Press Every Button

When you get into a elevator, do not press every button. Imagine a situation when you are the sole person in the elevator and think it would be funny to press every button in a building with 25 floors. This means that the elevator will stop at EVERY SINGLE FLOOR. Also, you are going to waste the time of other people who are going to get into the elevator from other floors.

2. Stand to the Side to Let People Out

If people are trying to get out of the elevator, stand to the side as much as you can so that they can get out with ease. Remember to treat others the way you would like to be treated. Plus, after letting people get out, there will be more space in the elevator for you to get in.

3. Do Not Overload an Elevator

Elevators have signs that inform you about their capacity in terms of the number of individuals and the weight they can carry. If you see that the elevator is almost full and there is no space for you or your group, then wait for the next elevator to arrive. Be patient, be safe.

These rules about good elevator and escalator etiquette are quite easy to follow but can help you avoid a lot of unpleasantness. Even though modern elevators and escalators that transport passengers more comfortably and safely, every passenger is required to practice basic etiquettes for a comfortable and safe experience for everyone.

01 November 2021

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