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Mitsubishi AC Remote Guide: Air Conditioner Remote Control Symbols and Modes Explained

Air conditioners are a boon to humankind. When you come home from the scorching heat outside, especially during summers, turning on the air conditioner and relaxing is all that you need to take away the fatigue and tiredness. They have been in use for decades now, and it all predates the centuries when ancient Egyptian buildings used passive air conditioning techniques. From the Iberian Peninsula through North Africa to the Middle East and Northern India, these passive air conditioning techniques became a widespread hit. As we stepped into the 20th century, these techniques were replaced by powered ACs to meet the architectural designs of the 21st century. Coming to the present, the world is well-aware of the working of air conditioners, their types like HVAC, packaged air conditioners, etc., and their benefits. However, most people still do not understand or know all the functions of the air conditioner remote. Let’s change that with this blog.

Understanding the Buttons on Mitsubishi Electric India’s AC Remotes

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Modern air conditioners offer numerous features, including multiple cooling modes. In fact, switching from cooling to heating, etc., are some of the functionalities available in almost all ACs today.

Getting specific, Mitsubishi Electric AC remotes have some of the most exclusive functions. Here are some of the buttons that you can find in your Mitsubishi AC remotes:

  • The On/Off Button The most common and essential button in your Mitsubishi Electric AC remote – the On/Off button is usually represented by a circle with a vertical bar printed on it.

  • Temperature Control The temperature control button is represented by the up and down arrow buttons on the AC remote. As the name suggests, this button helps you to control the temperature of the air conditioner at your convenience.

  • Fast Mode The Fast Mode is like the turbo mode found in most AC remotes and is used when you need immediate cooling. The Fast Mode can be turned on immediately and once activated, the mode stays on for 15 minutes. You can also change the direction of the air depending on your preferences.

  • Auto Vane Control The primary function of auto vane control is to maintain the desired direction of the air. It allows you to control the up-down and left-right positions of the vanes and comes with 5 up-down vane positions, 5 let-right vane positions, and the swing option.

  • Fan Speed Symbolised by signal bars or a mini fan, this indicates the rate of the speed at which the air conditioner’s internal fan is operating. The higher the bars are, the faster the fan operates.

  • Sleep Mode The Sleep Mode is designed to support the body in releasing heat by slightly lowering the temperature. Once it has been turned on, it automatically returns to the original temperature you had set after a period of 120 minutes.

    Some of the other buttons that you can see in Mitsubishi Electric India’s AC remotes include –

    • The Mode Button – To toggle between modes like cool, dry, auto, etc.
    • Stop and Start Timer Buttons – To schedule when the AC turns ON/OFF
    • Luminous Buttons – For ease of use while operating the remote in dim light or dark.

    The actual representation of the buttons in air conditioner remotes may vary depending on the model you choose. This is why when you purchase an air conditioner, make sure to ask about the functionalities and buttons on the AC remote. And for further help, you can always check out the user manual that accompanies your AC.

10 May 2022

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