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Safety Devices in Mitsubishi Electric Escalators

Escalators came to India in the 1970s and have been a part of high-end commercial construction projects since then. Introduced as a luxury at heritage buildings in the country, escalators today have become a necessity for people in public and commercial spaces. All thanks to the rapid urbanization and craze for high-rise buildings.

While the fundamentals and basic principles of moving passengers remain the same even after years, present-day progressive technology has dramatically changed the look and feel of escalators. All this has contributed to enhancing their efficiency and safety, thereby providing a unique vertical mobility transport experience.

Modern escalators by Mitsubishi Electric are designed to be aesthetically pleasing with a primary focus on passenger friendly. Our engineers put in years of experience to design safety-oriented escalators backed by a variety of features and a range of value-added functions. All to provide efficient, innovative, and safe escalators to Indian customers.

Safety-oriented and Customer-friendly design


1. Step with Anti Slip Groovers

The grooves and the corner edges of each step are designed to improve anti-slip performance with greater visibility of each step for passenger safety.

2. Tiered Demarcation Line

The demarcations on both sides of a step are raised from the step surface, thereby preventing passengers from getting too close to the skirt guards.

3. Comb with Smaller Angle

We recognize how critical the comb teeth angle is. Owing to that thought, our escalators are designed to fill even the small gap between the comb and step, making it safer for passengers and their belongings to get caught in an accident.

4. Brighter Demarcation Color

Attention to the smallest detail is of utmost priority while we design our products and that is the reason why we pay attention to even the smallest detail like the color of the demarcation line on the escalators. This is for the passengers to easily identify the line and stay within for safer use.

Range of Versatile Safety Functions

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Besides the visible safety elements mentioned above, there is an entire range of safety functions that are offered in our escalators. These functions help you customize your product whilst ensuring the safety of the passengers.

1. Step Motion Safety Device (CRS)

It helps to stop the escalators when any of the steps have been dislocated due to an object that got caught between the steps or the Skirt guard.

2. Overload Detection Device

Helps to stop the escalator if overload has been detected by abnormal current or temperature of the drive motor.

3. Speed Governor (GOV)

A device that ensures safety by stopping the escalator if its speed significantly exceeds or reduces.

4. Electromagnetic Brake

It helps stop the escalators in the case of power failure or activation of other safety devices.

5. Drive Chain Safety Device (DCS)

It helps stop the escalator if the drive chain breaks or stretches beyond an allowed limit.

6. Handrail Intel Cap LED

LED lamps that form an arrow to indicate the escalator’s traveling direction for boarding or no-entry sign.

7. Outer Deck Sensor

Detects a passenger leaning outside the Moving Handrail and alerts with an alarm to avoid potential danger.

8. Step Level Device (SRS)

Helps stop the escalator when the horizontal level of a step has dropped.

9. Skirt Guard Safety Device (SSS)

Helps stop the escalator if a shoe or other item becomes trapped in the gap between the step and skirt guard.

10. Inlet Sensor

Help keep passengers or foreign objects away from the handrail inlet. A warning alarm alerts about such a happening to avoid any accident.

As an industry leader in the vertical mobility industry, Mitsubishi Electric has some of the most iconic escalators. With these, we support the growth of various infrastructures and satisfy our vision by maintaining safety and high performance.

03 January 2022