Mitsubishi Electric Robot – Intelligent solutions for next-generation manufacturing

Mitsubishi Electric, a global manufacturer of electronic equipment, emphasizes on sustainability and innovation. Owing to that, it has gained a lot of recognition throughout the world. With an aim to consolidate its footprint in India, the brand is continuously expanding its reach to different regions across the length and breadth of the nation.

With its strategic range of innovative factory automation tools, Mitsubishi Electric is playing a key role in mitigating issues like downtime and loss of efficiency across manufacturing firms. The brand’s industrial robots in specific are solutions that are designed to make next-generation manufacturing a possibility, not just across the nation but the world at large.


Industrial robots within the MELFA FR series by Mitsubishi Electric are small-sized, lightweight and efficiency-driven to effectively manage heavy loads, both in terms of functionality and weight. What makes these robots truly stand out is the fact that they are equipped with new and more intelligent solutions. By the virtue of their design and functionality, these robots offer a simpler approach for flexible manufacturing of cutting-edge components and products.

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Technologies that power MELFA

The key technical aspects that make the MELFA FR series of industrial robots by Mitsubishi Electric tick comprise of: –

Intelligent technology

MELFA Smart Plus, an intelligent technology incorporated across the FR series, has helped broaden the functional possibilities for this series of robots. Providing greater accuracy, simpler installation, and shorter startup times, MELFA Smart Plus has made it possible for the robots to perform tasks seemingly more advanced, with the help of sophisticated force sensors while improving cooperation through vision sensors. In other words, these robots can now perform more complex tasks with improved accuracy and greater speed.

FA-IT integration

The MELFA-FR series of industrial robots are further integrated with an expansive range of factory automation equipment like the MELSEC iQ-R series. These machines, in turn, support “e-F@ctory” integrated factory automation solutions for hassle-free integration of robots and IT systems.

The incorporation of e-F@ctory machines brings about flexible production which can be adapted to the type of manufacturing. This helps increase productivity while reducing maintenance as well as the total cost of ownership.

Collaborative work applications for safety

MELFA FR series of industrial robots further incorporate collaborative work applications for enhanced safety. The inclusion of a range of functions covering speed and position monitoring, as well as supervision of X, Y and Z components, enable these robots to work better in collaboration with people.

These safety features make risk assessment easier to ensure that workspaces can be used safely by humans and robots. For instance, the safety input feature allows safety doors to open without affecting the motion of robots. Again, the operation range limit function prohibits a robot from approaching a cooperative operation area when an operator is in there.

Different series of MELFA robots

Vertical type RV-FR series

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This series of industrial robots comprise of top-of-the-line servo control and optimized arm construction that allows them to perform heavy-duty functions in a swift manner. While their compact bodies and slender arms aid in covering a large work area and great load capacity, their optimized arm length and 6 joints aid in complex assembly and process operations. These robots can carry out a wide range of jobs right from assembling electrical components to transporting machine parts.

Horizontal type RH-FR series

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This series of robots comes in many variations for different operating areas - this makes them capable of a variety of applications. Their servo controls and extremely rigid arms enable speed and outstanding precision. The RH-FR series of industrial robots are perfect for sectors like food manufacturing where high-volume production is required, and also for fast-operating pharmaceutical manufacturing units which require high levels of precision for assemblage.

Ceiling-mounted horizontal type RH-3FRH35 series

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The RH-3FRH35 series of industrial robots are horizontal, multi-joint type of robots that are designed to save space through their suspended type of installation. These robots are apt for applications that include high-speed transportation, packaging, assembly of electronic, electrical or other small components, and inspections.

With a shift in preferences of customers as well as businesses, technology that adapts and evolves has become the need of the hour for manufacturers. Mitsubishi Electric has stayed at the forefront of this shift with its MELFA range of industrial robots that work efficiently to deliver with precision.

24 July 2019