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skill development minister of india
23 June 2020

Mitsubishi Electric supports Skill Development of India

India is spearheading many flagship schemes to empower India’s youth with opportunities. As per recent studies, it was found....

best elevator in India
18 June 2020

Efficiency & Reliability powered by Mitsubishi Elevators: A Make in India initiative

Elevators are designed to save time and add to the ease of modern lifestyle. This approach towards modern technology is made to ensure....

elevators in India
16 June 2020

Elevators – Enabling Convenience, Rising Above Myths

The rising skyline and how elevators are silent enablers of this progressive development. Innovation and function move hand-in-hand, making....

Switchgear Industry
12 May 2020

Smart & Integrated Switchgears for Digital India

Intelligent Switchgear helps in the smart management of Power Supply systems to boost efficiency, reliability and safety. The power sector in India is ....

Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioners High-Power Compressor
12 May 2020

Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioners – Creating a Comfortable Environment

With summer around the corner it is essential to keep the indoor temperature cool and comfortable. One has to make an essential choice for an air....

Smart Water Processing System
16 April 2020

Smart Water Processing System by Mitsubishi Electric for Smarter Cities

We are running at a pace where daily consumption of clean water has risen. Such necessities are affected by climatic changes which are causing...

Power Semiconductor
10 Jan 2020

Semiconductors contribute to revolutionize Electrical Technology

We live in a rapidly growing society where technology is touching a new mark every day. The world is witnessing a rise in energy conservation...

05 Dec 2019

Make Winter comfortable with All Season ACs

Do we really require ACs in winter? India is a country of diverse seasons, mainly four basics are winter season, summer season, rainy season and spring season...

26 November 2019

Moving Towards a Greener Tomorrow in Nagpur

Mitsubishi Electric is consistently working towards innovation & technology. With nearly 100 years of experience in providing reliable, high-quality products, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation...

12 November 2019

Mitsubishi Electric India’s Clean Drinking Water Program

Guided by the corporate statement, “Changes for the Better”, Mitsubishi Electric has been operating in India since the 1950s and has grown to become one of the most highly regarded brands in the country...

28 October 2019

Mitsubishi Electric’s Air Conditioning Systems - Customer Connection Journey in India

The key to enhancing customer experience is by identifying basic customer touchpoints and work upon them to maximise customer satisfaction and make the customer’s end-to-end journey better...

16 October 2019

5 simple ways to maintain your Air Conditioner

An air conditioner (AC), without a doubt, is one of the most important appliances that you buy for your home...

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